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Marble head of woman, London.A007
Marble head of boxer, Copenhagen.C138
Marble head of youth, Copenhagen.B013
Marble goddess, Cherchel.C070
Three marble heads of bearded gods, Copenhagen.C051, C052
Marble head of Pompey, Copenhagen.B159
Bronze statuette, dancing girl, Copenhagen.F060
Three marble heads of bearded gods, Copenhagen.C050
Marble portrait-head of little boy (barbarian prince), Copenhagen.H019
Marble head of Aristogeiton, Vatican: replica of Naples Aristogeiton.C006a
Bronze statuette, athlete, Syracuse.F043
Bronze statue of Zeus, Athens.B072a
Marble head of woman, Copenhagen.C060
Bronze statuette, youth carrying sheep, Copenhagen.F067
Clay mask of goddess.B050
Apollo from the Tiber, Terme.C020
Antinous in the Capitoline.B158
Aphrodite from Ostia, London.C230
Artemis of Versailles, Louvre.C197
Apollo Belvedere, Vatican.C122
Female torso, Vatican; replica in Corinth.C069
Portrait head possibly of Claudius, Mr Hollond.B176
Fragmentary Melian relief.D053
Small basalt head of a Persian, Göttingen.B184
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