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Restoration by Amelung of a colossal Pheidian Athena from MunichC079
Statuette of bearded Dionysos found at Knossos (Arthur Evans)C118
Statue of Augustus, Vatican from Prima PortaB161
Statue of youthful Athena of Myronic type, from Frankfurt.C071
Two female heads from the temple of Asklepios, Epidauros.A124
Male archaic head from the temple of Apollo Ptoios, Boetia.B009
Head of a woman, from the sanctuary of Apollo Ptoƶs in Boeotia.B052
Two female heads from the temple of Asklepios, Epidauros.A125
Head of horse from the temple of Asklepios, Epidauros.A122
Large sepulchral relief bearing figures of Demetria and Pamphile, Athens.D077
Statue of a warrior of the school of Ephesos: Hellenistic age.B126
Sepulchral statue of the deceased as Hermes, from AndrosC115
From Cirencester, relief with three female figures facing: Deae Matres.D120
From Edinburgh, inscription: horseman, Suovetaurilia.H021
From Colchester, tombstone of a Centurion, erected by liberti.D116
From London, relief representing Mithras slaying a bull.H022
From South Shields, Tombstone of Victor the Moor.D119
From Bath, male head facing of Gorgon-like type.A158
From Corbridge, relief of the Sun-god facing.D122
From Corbridge, lion tearing a goat.B215
From London, the upper part of a River-god.B195
From Corbridge, relief representing the apotheosis of an Emperor.D121
Tombstone of a woman: South Shields.D118
Torso of Thanatos, Vatican, attributed to the School of Praxiteles.C109
Head of Meleager, Medici Villa.C105
Seated Ares of the Ludovisi Gallery.C132
The Camillus or sacrificial attendant of the Capitol (bronzed cast).B189
Tombstone of a horse soldier: Hexham.C117
Head of a dying Persian: Museum of the Terme.C199
Three slabs of late archaic relief at Boston.D059a
The Victory from Samothrace in the Louvre, and fragments.B140
Seven bronze statuettes.F103, F094
Portrait head of Epikouros.C214
Portrait head of Alexander the Great.B135
Portrait head of Marcellinus.B138
Seven bronze statuettes.F096
Fifth-century head of Perseus.C019
Seven bronze statuettes.F032
A Lapith head from a Metope of the Parthenon.A074
The Diadoumenos Farnese.C054
Relief representing the apotheosis of Homer, by Archelaus.D095
Seven bronze statuettes.F101, F104
Mask of Aphrodite, Petworth.C178
Statuette of Herakles of Myronic type.C024
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