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Male portrait head from the Mausoleum, British Museum.B229
Group of boy and goose (a copy of a work of Boethios), Munich.C227
Head of girl, Epidauros.A121b
Stele of Demokleides, Athens.D064
Relief representing the abduction of Basile by Echelos, Athens.D046a
Head of Mars, Barracco Collection.D098
Head and Torso of Nereid, Ostia.C233
Statuette restored as Demeter, Vatican.C194
Head of Hellenistic Aphrodite, Naples.B155
Head of sleeping girl, Terme Museum.C234
A head of Hygieia, Terme Museum.C170
Head of bearded Dionysos, Athens.C022
Statuette of Youth, Polykleitan style, Barracco Collection.C041
Head of bronze male statue from Ephesos.C102
Female head, perhaps of Atalanta, from Tegea.B111
Two bearded heads from the Parthenon frieze, Vienna.A085
Head of a standing diskobolos, 4th century. Rome.C098
Greek tombstone, with female figure in relief, Esquiline, Rome.D026
Two dedicated archaic female figures from the Athenian Acropolis.B059
Youth in relief from Sounion.D041
Young male head wearing a fillet, Stoa of Attalos, Athens.B108
Two dedicated archaic female figures from the Athenian Acropolis.B046
Female head, Constantinople.B153
Six reliefs representing the sports of the youths from Athens.D008b
Head of Artemis.C171
Head of a Praxitelean Satyr.C251
Head of the Muse Polyhymnia.C245
Head of a Diadoumenos.C039
Six reliefs representing the sports of the youths from Athens.D007c, D007b, D008c
Head of Athena with rams' heads on helmet.C166
Head of Athena (Myronic style).C073
Six reliefs representing the sports of the youths from Athens.D007a
Female head from Gizeh in Egypt.B152
Archaic female head, Somzée Collection.B196
Six reliefs representing the sports of the youths from Athens.D008a
Head of Livia.B164
Head of Herakles in lion's skin from the pediments of Tegea.A136
A naked youth, headless, early Attic style.C004
Head of girl of the Julian age.B199
Head of Nero.B166
Theseus and Antiope, Temple of Apollo at Eretria, in Chalkis.A018
Small relief from Thasos, Louvre.D020
Boy athlete ('Narkissos') from the Delta, Louvre.C044
Torso of Poseidon, Parthenon, British Museum.A097
Small Torso of Poseidon from Carthage, British Museum.C125
Attic head of a youth in the Louvre.B008
Woman once in Auxerre, now the Louvre.B036
Head of boy from Cos, Louvre.B124
Head of warrior, Temple of Aphaia at Aegina, Athens.A040
Head and torso of 'Pollux', Louvre.C009
Small head of prince, Copenhagen.B136
Head and torso of 'Pollux', Louvre.C008
Woman, Acropolis.B081
Persephone in Eleusis.A043
Female head from Selinus in Berlin.B080
Woman, Acropolis.B058
Female head from Jérichau Collection, Louvre.C187
Head of youth from metopes, Acropolis.A077
Head of fair-haired boy, Acropolis.B069
Bronze head of boy victor, Munich.C028
Attic head of a youth.B015
Small head of Alexander, Budapest.B134
Female head, Louvre.C094
Head of young goddess from Chios, Boston.B113
Female torso from Asia Minor, Berlin.B048
Two female heads from Knidos, British Museum.B112
Head of Hermes of Polykleitos, Boston.C040
Male torso from Miletos in the Louvre.B026
Relief of two women from Pharsalos, Louvre.D027
Kleobis in Delphi.B004
Head of youth in Hanover.B075
Torso from Daphnai in Athens.B025
Female head from Miletos, Berlin.B049
Tombstone of youth from Salamis, Athens.D033
Head of athlete from Perinthos in Dresden.C023
Female head Mausoleum, British Museum.B116
Relief with Hecate from Crannon, British Museum.D083
Female head from one of the metopes of the Parthenon, Acropolis.A078
Head of warrior from Temple of Aphaia, Aegina, in Athens.A041
Torso of the Doryphoros of Polykleitos from the Pourtalès Collection, Berlin.C033
Niobid from gardens of Sallust, Terme.A100b
Head of woman from Acropolis, Athens.B044
Two metopes, Treasury of the Athenians: Herakles/Stag, Theseus/Antiope.A023, A021
Youth from the Ptoon, Athens.B017
Head of Caryatid from the Treasury of the Siphnians, Delphi.A011
Warrior from Sparta, Athens.B021
Four heads from reliefs of Nemesis at Rhamnous.D063
Bronze boy from Piombino, Louvre.B022
Athena from Athens, Louvre.C165
Hoplitodromos in Mariemont.C015
Ares Borghese, Louvre.C056
Head of Hygieia from the shrine of Asklepios, Athens.B110
Basalt boy athlete from the Palatine, Terme.C027
Athlete from Eleusis, Athens.B095
Head of Caryatid from the Treasury of the Knidians, Delphi.A010
Boy athlete, New York.C029
Woman from Acropolis, Athens.B054
Head of old woman from Corneto, British Museum.C 191
Four heads from reliefs of Nemesis at Rhamnous.D062
Boy dedicated by Lysikleides, from Rhamnous, Athens.B077
Relief representing pork-butcher's shop, Dresden.D100
Relief dedicated to Cybele, Berlin.D085
Basalt head of boy ('Orpheus'), Munich.C021
Female figure, Berlin.F059
Warrior and woman, Berlin.F072
Two naked women ('island idols') from Naxos, Dresden.B002
Head of boy, Dresden.B074
Stylus, Berlin.F071
Relief dedicated to Nymphs, Berlin.D086
Tombstone from Paros, New York.D031
Tombstone of Mynno, Berlin.D039
Female head, Munich.A039
Aphrodite from Sparta, Berlin.F014
Youth putting greaves on, Dresden.F065
Torso of wounded Gaul, Dresden.C198
Bronze athlete, Berlin.F091
Torso of a goddess, Dresden.B091
Boy athlete ('Westmacott boy'), British Museum.C042
Youth, Dresden.F063
Two naked women ('island idols') from Naxos, Dresden.B001
Female figure, Dresden.F055
Bronze Poseidon from Dodona, Berlin.F077
Female head from Asklepieion of Cos.B150
Fragment of tombstone from Chalandri, Berlin.D066
Three winged figures from Oriental cauldrons, Olympia.F003
Relief, Adjuvate sodales, Dresden.D114
Two heads of centaurs, west pediment of Temple of Zeus.A058
Fragment of tombstone from Athens, Berlin.D005
Relief dedicated to a hero, from Cumae, Berlin.D045
Athena, Berlin.F057
Youth with ram from Capua, Berlin.F066
Relief Nike and Bull from Asia Minor, Berlin.D024
Three winged figures from Oriental cauldrons, Olympia.F002
Fragmentary copy of base of Parthenos, Berlin.E004
Helmeted head, in Olympia.B020
Aphrodite from Corneto, Berlin.B089
Portrait head of woman, Dresden.B200
Parthenon metopes, Athens.A072
Portrait head of young man, Dresden.C153
Portrait head of old man, Dresden.B172
Head of woman, Karlsruhe.F005
Relief dedicated by an actor, Dresden.D099
Feaster from Olympia, Athens.F017
Torso of warrior, Temple of Aphaia at Aegina.A034
Two heads of centaurs, west pediment of Temple of Zeus.A063
Head of aged market-woman, Dresden.C236
Head of Apollo, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.C017
Kneeling Boy from Temple of Zeus, Olympia.A046
Tombstone Giustiniani collection, Berlin.D028
Lion from Olympia, Berlin.F020
Female head, Dresden.C083
Bronze Aphrodite from Thera, Berlin.F076
Tombstone of Arkesila, Dresden.D075
Man praying from Mount Lykaion, Berlin.F039
Relief from Miletos, dedicated to Apollo, Artemis, Leto and Kourotrophos, Dresden.D084
Artemis from Dodona, Berlin.F015
Naked male from Olympia.F001
Athlete from Sparta, Berlin.F049
Bronze satyr, Berlin.F080
Relief (woman playing) from the Bosphorus, Berlin.D057
Parthenon metopes, Athens.A071
Woman of Ionian style from Athens, Berlin.F031
Head of Sokrates, Kiel.C147
Head of Alexander from Cos, Constantinople.B133a
Countryman from Mount Lykaion, Berlin.F040
Head of nymph, Dresden.C225
Head of satyr, Dresden.C224
Artemis from Kalavyrta, Berlin.F052
Watching youth from Temple of Zeus, Olympia.A051b
Head of youth from Sparta, Boston.F013
Kneeling Lapith.A054
Portrait head of boy, Berlin.B179
Head of Hermaphrodite, Dresden.C223
Fragment of marble relief, Munich.D048
Bronze mirror, Archaic Greek, Munich.F018
Clay antefix, gorgoneion, British Museum.A044
Bronze Apollo, replica of Apollo Mantua, Naples.B185
Tritoness, Munich.F058
Handle of vase, youth and lions, Boston.F019
Youth leaning on stick, Boston.F068
Head of wounded youth from Temple of Aphrodite at Aegina, Athens.B073
Head of Thamyris, Budapest.C058
Head of dying warrior from Temple of Aphaia at Aegina, Munich.A037
Head of Diomedes, Boston; replica of Munich Diomedes.C046
Helmeted runner, Athens.D006
Mask of Dionysos, Berlin.B071
Athlete binding his head, New York.F090
Hephaistos, Warren collection.F048
Head of Menander, Philadelphia.C209
Tyche of Antioch by Eutychides, Budapest.C228
Woman, Acropolis.B042, B056
Chalcedony portrait of man, Boston.B181
Youth from Paros, Copenhagen.B011
Pediment of a tomb, Zurich.D040
Horse, Acropolis.B029
Tombstone of Sostrate and Euxenides, CopenhagenD072
Rider, Acropolis.B028
Diskobolos, Vienna.F070
Head of an athlete, replica of the Munich Oil-pourer, Boston.C101
Bronze head of Sokrates, Munich.C145
Bronze Apollo, Vienna.F102
Sick man, Copenhagen.D080
Woman, Munich.F056
Tombstone, Athens.D038
Woman, Acropolis.B053
Mirror-stand, woman, Munich.F036
Athlete, New York.F044
Portrait of Villonius, Copenhagen.B175
Youth, support of a vessel, Boston.F046
Sphinx from Spata, Athens.B043
Head of Alexander, Acropolis.C154
Sphinx, akroterion of the Temple of Aphrodite, Aegina.B083
Athena from Temple of Apollo at Eretria, Chalkis.A017
Diskobolos, Munich.F073
Relief, Silenus embraced by a Siren.E013
Bronze head of Doryphoros of Polykleitos, Naples, from Herculaneum.C034
Woman, Acropolis.B051
Theseus, Acropolis.B016
Youth (ephedrismos), Boston.F047
Head of youth from Dipylon, Athens.B005
Bronze African boy, Cabinet des Medailles.F079
Legs of a fighting Gaul. New York.C200
Lion, Munich.F061
Head of woman, Acropolis.B057
Dog, Acropolis.B060
Three women, Munich.D018
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