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Harmodios and Aristogeiton, NaplesC005a
Sepulchral relief: banquet, LondonD044
Torso of satyr, LouvreC120
Head of Hera, British MuseumC082
Shield with reliefs, British MuseumE003
Boy extracting thorn, RomeB190
Torso of Herakles, VaticanB128
Relief from Tegea, AthensD013
Puteal with birth of Athena, MadridD107
Two archaic metopes, PalermoA015
Pillar-like statue, LouvreB047
Archaic head of Athena, AthensA019
Seated mourning slave, BerlinB123
Head of AeschylusC157
Relief from AricciaE001
Head of Perikles, British MuseumC047
Female head from Argos, AthensB087
Dying Amazon, ViennaB213
Two archaic metopes, PalermoA016
Janiform bust, Herodotos and ThukydidesC144
Reliefs of the Harpy Tomb, British MuseumA024
Head of Laocoon, VaticanB233
Stele with Orpheus and Eurydice, LouvreE006
Reliefs of the Harpy Tomb, British MuseumA027
Relief from Argos, ArgosD088
Stele of Philis, LouvreD030
Relief from Samothrace, LouvreD022
Stele of Telesias, AthensD071
Flying Nike from Delos, Athens.B034
Head of SophoklesC253
Relief, horseman from Thespiae, AthensD034
Statuette of Athena, AthensC076
Harmodios and Aristogeiton, NaplesC005b
Eros, HermitageC014
Reliefs of the Harpy Tomb, British MuseumA025, A026
Head of Pherekydes, MadridC006b
Archaic head of Apollo, British MuseumC012
Head of Hephaistos, VaticanC055
Head of Asklepios from Melos, LondonB100
Statuette of Zeus, LondonF093
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