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Attic red-figure

Polygnotos stamnos

Museum: Oxford, Ashmolean (given by Beazley)
Size: 39.2cm (stamnos)
Function: storage and display
Technique: red-figure
Style: classical (Polygnotan)
Subject/s: A. The sons of Zeus, Castor (Kastoris  in the genitive ) and Pollux (Poludyeuke), wearing travelling dress (hat, cloak, boots) and carrying spear, ride over the sea indicated by a dolphin on the right. B. Three mantled youths, one (right) leaning on his staff. Sponge, strigil (scrapper) and halteres (weights) indicate athletic pursuits.
Date: mid 5th c.
Analysis: like most of the vases assigned to Polygnotos, this one is unsigned, but the shape, pattern-work and figure style show that it belongs to the large group of Polygnotan vases made in the mid century. The underside of the foot has incised letters that are probably the initials of a merchant and the price.

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