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Attic red-figure

Painter of the Nuptial Procession's hydria

Painter of the Nuptial Procession's hydria

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Photograph: M. Tiverios, Elliniki Techni


Museum: St. Petersburg, State Museum of the Hermitage
Size: 51cm (hydria)
Function: display?
Technique: red-figure with figures in relief with white, blue, red and gilt
Style: Kerch, ornate
Subject/s: Athena and Poseidon vie for the Acropolis with its sacred olive tree protected by a serpent below and a Nike above. To the left Dionysos and a panther, to the right ….
Date: mid-4th c.
Analysis: the most remarkable thing about this large,very fine hydria, found at Kerch, ancient Pantikapion, is the subject: Athena and Poseidon vying at the sacred olive was the centre-piece of the west pediment of the Parthenon.

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