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The Global Connections of Gandharan Art
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop of the Gandhāra Connections Project, University of Oxford, 18th-19th March, 2019

edited by Wannaporn Rienjang and Peter Stewart

The third volume of the Gandhara Connections project at Oxford University’s Classical Art Research Centre presents a range of studies on the relationship of Gandhara to other art traditions. It addresses the project's key theme – the relationship between Gandharan art and the cultures of the Roman Empire and Greece – as well as examining the influence of this region on imagery elsewhere in Central Asia, South Asia, and China.

Published September 2020

ISBN 978-1-78969-695-0
ISBN 978-1-78969-696-7 (e-Pdf)
DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950

This is the Classical Art Research Centre's third free, online ebook, issued under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence. It is also available to buy in print from Archaeopress.

Chapter downloads

Wannaporn Rienjang and Peter Stewart (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

Gandhāra perceptions: the orbit of Gandhāran studies
Warwick Ball (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

On the crossroads of disciplines: Tonio Hölscher’s theory of understanding Roman art images and its implications for the study of western influence(s) in Gandhāran art
Martina Stoye (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

Roman sarcophagi and Gandhāran sculpture
Peter Stewart (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

The transmission of Dionysiac imagery to Gandhāran Buddhist art
Tadashi Tanabe (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

Buddha on the Rocks: Gandhāran connections through the Karakorum mountains
M. E. J. J. van Aerde, A. D. L. Mohns, and A. G. Khan (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

Buddhist temples in Tukhāristān and their relationships with Gandhāran traditions
Shumpei Iwai (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

More Gandhāra than Mathurā: substantial and persistent Gandhāran influences provincialized in the Buddhist material culture of Gujarat and beyond, c. AD 400-550
Ken Ishikawa (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

Cross-cultural Buddhist monastery ruins on the Silk Road and beyond: the layout and function of Buddhist monasteries reconsidered
Joy Yi Lidu (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

The sinicization and secularization of some Graeco-Buddhist gods in China
Juping Yang (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

De-fragmenting Gandhāran art: advancing analysis through digital imaging and visualization
Ian Haynes, Iwan Peverett, Wannaporn Rienjang with contributions by Luca M. Olivieri (DOI: 10.32028/9781789696950)

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