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Gandharan Art Bibliography (GAB)

Welcome to our new Gandharan Art Bibliography. Over the three years of the Gandhara Connections project we will build the GAB into a comprehensive bibliography of Gandharan art and closely related material. The current version is work in progress. We are aware of material which is yet to be added, as well as small gaps and inconsistencies in some of the information. Soon we will add an online form to enable users to propose additions and changes. We are grateful for existing resources that have helped with this work, especially Prof Markus Mode's online Gandhara Bibliography; Henri Deydier, Contribution à l'étude de l'art du Gandhara (Paris, 1950); and Pierre Guenée, Bibliographie analytique des ouvrages parus sur l'art du Gandhara entre 1950 et 1993 (Paris, 1998).

 You can download the GAB in whole or in part using the check-boxes. Downloads are in RefMan (RIS) format, compatible with EndNote and other standard bibliographical software. The export button is at the bottom of the page.

Version 123 (23-08-2021)

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General works
Historical works
History of study
Sites and fieldwork
Museum/Exhibition catalogues
Stylistic development
Artistic influences
Toilet trays
Non-sculptural media
Ritual practices
Specific works of art
Technical studies
Trade and exchange