Beazley Archive Pottery Database (BAPD) reaches 120,000 records

    We are delighted to announce that the Beazley Archive Pottery Database has just topped 120,000 records – our goal for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the archive as a public resource (and Sir John Beazley’s death in 1970). We are immensely grateful to all who have supported the project over the years, including the British Academy, the Monument Trust, private donors, and the Oxford Faculty of Classics.  We also take this opportunity to thank our BAPD researchers, Dr Thomas Mannack and Dr Diana Rodríguez Pérez, their various predecessors over the years, Greg Parker, who developed and still maintains the BAPD, and particularly CARC’s former director (and founder), Prof Donna Kurtz, who created it in its original form some 40 years ago.


    This year’s annual CARC workshop was intended to celebrate our anniversary with the subject of ‘Beazley for the 21st Century’. The covid19 emergency unfortunately obliged us to postpone, but we will update you on new arrangements, very provisionally scheduled for around the end of September 2021.




    BEAZLEY 50! A celebration of our 50th anniversary

    2020 is the 50th anniversary of the death of Professor Sir John Beazley, the leading figure in the twentieth-century study of ancient Greek painted pottery. With his passing on 6th May 1970, his personal archive of notes, photographs, books, gem impressions, and papers acquired from other scholars passed to the care of the University of Oxford. (The University had bought the collection several years earlier on the condition that it would remain with Beazley until his death.) The Beazley Archive as a resource openly available to researchers was therefore born fifty years ago. In its physical form and virtual extension through the BAPD (Beazley Archive Pottery Database) and other online resources, Beazley's archive remains fundamental to the Classical Art Research Centre, which developed out of it when the Archive moved into a new building in 2007.

    Our plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary have been disrupted slightly by the Covid-19 situation, but we will be announcing our intentions for rearranged events soon. To mark the life of Beazley and the wealth of activity that has grown out of his archive since 1970, we shall be sharing fifty images over the next fifty days! Follow us on Twitter or our other social media sites.


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    Postponed: Gandhara Connections Workshop, The Rediscovery and Reception of Gandharan Art

    We very much regret that we have had to postpone the 2020 Gandhara Connections 4th International workshop, which will deal with The Rediscovery and Reception of Gandharan Art, on account of the covid-19 coronavirus situation. We are very much looking forward to rescheduling in 2020 and will advertise new arrangements as soon as the dates are confirmed. The original information is preserved here for information.

    The workshop abstract is available to download here.

    The updated programme is available here. 

    All are welcome and places are free but please book by emailing:

    Photos: the British LibraryStampex.

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