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Attic black-figure

Lydos's cooler-amphora

Museum: London, British Museum
Size: 32cm. (amphora, Type B, with inner compartment: psykter-amphora)
Function: convivial
Technique: black-figure
Style: Maturing black-figure
Subject/s: satyrs and maenads join Dionysos carrying a drinking horn; a smaller satyr fits under the 'spout' engaging with a hare (A), Theseus battles with the Minotaur framed by youths and a man.
Date: mid 6th c.
Analysis: a very unusual shape adapting an amphora to contain a inner compartment; like a modern 'thermos' this facility would have been wine cool. Unusual doubled rays around the foot can be paralleled on Amasean amphorae; Amasis might have been the potter.

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