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1611, Nemi, Sanctuary of Diana

  • Record number: 1611
  • Site: Nemi
  • Building or zone: Sanctuary of Diana
  • Roof element: Roof model
  • Remarks: Front edge of small model of temple roof with double slopes (26°), 3 rows of pan tiles/slope, scar from central acroterion, relief columen & mutuli plaques on central beam and corners of pediment, open pediment with tiled floor ending in antefixes with female head in relief. Flat pan tiles (with exposed dimensions of W 5, D top 8, mid-tile & bottom 7.5 on left slope, W 7.6, D mid & bottom 7.5 on right slope). Semicylindrical cover tiles have W 1.1, rights W 3.8. MP overhang 3 (of 4th tile, 7). Of raking sima, only torus at bottom preserved (H 1.1, D of scar for vertical plaque + torus 4). H raking cornice 2.6, MPL left slope 22.4, right 20.7. Architrave H 2.4-2.3, W 32.2. Columen plaque H 6.1, W 5.3, decorated with 3 figures on rounded base. Mutuli estimated H left 5.3, W 5.2, with 2 figures wrestling? Right plaque H 5.9, W 4.1, with 2 figures wrestling? D pediment floor 13.5, with 8 rows of pan tiles, 2 deep, W 3.1, D front 5.5, back 8; 7 rows of cover tiles with antefixes, W cover tile 1.1, H antefix 2.5, W 2.7. 2 large holes in back wall of pediment (Diam 2, 1.6), 1 large hole in right side of wall top at back. Underside has recessed central surface = pediment floor W 33.5, D 8.5-10. Area behind left mutulus is hollow. W left wall top/mutulus 4.8, right 4.2. Finished resting surfaces? Except for back wall?
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    Führer durch die öffentlichen Sammlungen klassischer Altertümer in Rome, Bd. 1-4. 4., völlig neu bearb. Aufl. Hrsg. Von H. Speier. Author: Helbig, W.. Place of publication: Tübingen. Publication Date: 1963-1972
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  • Type of decoration: Temple roof model with open pediment, decorated columen & mutuli plaques, antefixes with female head on pediment floor
  • Last Recorded Collection: Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia
  • Mouldmade: no
  • Height: 20.5
  • Width: 47
  • MPD: 17.4
  • Clay: 10YR 7/3
  • Paint: Buff slip 10YR 8/2. Traces of pink: 2 oblique stripes on left raking cornice, drapery of columen figures, antefix base & taenia of tile below
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