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966, Rome, S. Omobono

  • Record number: 966
  • Site: Rome
  • Building or zone: S. Omobono
  • Position: Eaves
  • Roof element: Antefixes, floral
  • Comparanda: Type B examples 15892a-c, 15819, 15904b-c
  • Remarks: Type A (larger): small antefix plaque with strigil shell frame with scalloped outer edge (Th 2.6), slightly convex tongues with surrounding channel & raised edge, alternately painted red & cream with red raised edge. Inside shell, flat fascia which also runs along bottom of antefix, above recessed ledge (H .6) with band of painted red oblique lines. Inside ledge & fascia, small palmette with 9 cordoned petals (H central petal 5.5 with cordoned edge), radiating from raised, inverted U-shaped thin band (H 3). Curved cover tile attached to back at base of plaque with strigils projecting above
  • Bibliography: Rescigno 1998a, pp. 65, 70, 324, type C2109
  • Publication record: Tetti Campani. Età arcaica. Cuma, Pitecusa e gli altri contesti. Author: Rescigno, C.. Place of publication: Roma. Publication Date: 1998
  • Associated elements: Type A examples: 3983, 15839, 15904a?
  • Type of decoration: Convex strigils/relief palmette of 9 cordoned petals/painted oblique lines
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antiquarium Comunale
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 6.5
  • Width: 10.1
  • Clay: 10YR 7/3
  • Paint: Cream slip 10YR 7/3, red-purple 10R 4/3
  • Condition: Fragment of lower left corner of plaque with scar of cover tile
  • Height strigil: 4
  • Width strigil: 2.3
  • Convex strigil: yes
  • Type shell: Strigil
  • Width shell: 4
  • Height strigil: 4
  • Width strigil: 2.3
  • Convex: yes
  • Width fascia: 1
  • Torus or flat: flat
  • Height antefix base: .6
  • Width antefix base: 10.1
  • Outer H cover tile: 15
  • Outer W cover tile: 24

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