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1072, Rome, Forum Romanum - Regia III

  • Record number: 1072
  • Site: Rome
  • Building or zone: Forum Romanum - Regia III
  • Position: Ridge
  • Roof element: Acroteria, human statues
  • Remarks: Fragment preserves rounded front end of life-sized boot with part of sole (H .7), from left foot, attached to tile (H 1.2). 2 incised lines vertically at instep & 2 curving channels on top near center, indicating tongue of boot. Hollow (Th wall 1.2-2.3), handmade; interior lumpy but made from wet, runny clay resembling lava flow (cf. S. Omobono). Red surface, black in channels
  • Bibliography: Brown & Scott 1985, p. 190, no. 9, fig. 7:9; La grande Roma 1990, p. 60, no. 4, fig. 3.2.4; Downey 1993, p. 242, fig. 16; Danner 1993a, p. 100 (longitudinal position); Downey 1995, p. 84, no. 30, fig. 43; Winter 2009a, pp. 198-199, 3.E.1.c
  • Publication record: Archaic architectural terracottas from the Regia
    Architectural terracottas from the Regia
    Die Dekoration auf First und Giebelschrägen in der archaischen Baukunst Mittelitaliens
    La Regia nel Foro Romano
    La grande Roma dei Tarquini
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.
  • Associated elements: From Section 7: revetment plaques R65.18, R65.5/20, R65.21, R65.19, R65.6, R65.7, R65.55, R65.9, raking simas R65.10/23, R65.15, R65.16, R65.17, hanging curtain? R65.77, pan tiles R65.64, R65.65, cover tile R65.12
  • Type of decoration: Foot wearing boot
  • Current Collection: Antiquarium forense: R65.22
  • Mouldmade: no
  • Height: 10.5
  • Width: 14.4
  • MPD: 4.1
  • Clay: 10YR 8/3
  • Paint: Red, black
  • Condition: Broken through mid-arch and front of sole & tile
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