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6495, Tivoli

  • Record number: 6495
  • Site: Tivoli
  • Roof element: Antefixes, heads
  • Comparanda: Ny Carlsberg antefix from Palestrina HIN 426; Rome Tre Fontane: MNR 125612, 125613. Cf. also Philadelphia MS 1830
  • Remarks: Female head antefix with head in round. MPD head 14.9. Head hollow. Th wall 1.5-2.5.
  • Bibliography: Van Buren 1921a, p. 23 (IV, type XXV); AndrĂ©n 1940, p. 370, no. I:1, Pl. 114:402; Enea nel Lazio 1981, p. 42, A89; La grande Roma 1990, p. 143, 6.5
  • Publication record: Architectural terracottas from Etrusco-Italic Temples
    Enea nel Lazio: archeologia e mito
    Figurative terracotta revetments in Etruria and Latium in the VI. and V. cent. B.C.
    La grande Roma dei Tarquini
  • Type of decoration: Female head
  • Current Collection: Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia: 42178
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 23.2
  • Width: 17.5
  • MPD: 14
  • Clay: 10YR 6/4 with orange core 5YR 6/6
  • Paint: White slip on face 10YR 8/2. Cream slip on hat and cover tile 10YR 8/2. Red: circular band around hat with cross-straps at top of head behind diadem, top edge of diadem and upper squares on front; 2 horizontal bands on head scarf, dot earrings, lips, alternating beads on necklace, chiton with row of squares along top. Black bottom squares and band on diadem, hair, eyes, alternating beads on necklace, chiton edge 7.5R 4/6.
  • Height face: 9.8
  • Distance outer eyes: 6.7
  • Width nose bottom: 2.8
  • Width mouth: 2.9
  • Inner H cover tile: 6
  • Outer H cover tile: 7.8
  • Inner W cover tile: 10
  • Outer W cover tile: 15
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