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215325, ATHENIAN, Arezzo, Museo Archeologico Nazionale Gaio Cilnio Mecenate, 1460

  • Vase Number: 215325
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: AMPHORA, NECK
  • Provenance: ITALY, CASALTA
  • Date: -450 to -400
  • Attributed To: Manner of DINOS P by BEAZLEY
  • Last Recorded Collection: Arezzo, Museo Archeologico Nazionale Gaio Cilnio Mecenate: 1460
  • Publication Record: Archäologischer Anzeiger: 1977, 218, FIG.30 (DRAWING OF B)
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  • AVI Web:
  • AVI Record Number: 164
  • LIMC ID: 8530
  • LIMC Web:
  • CAVI Collection: Arezzo 1460.
  • CAVI Lemma: RF neck amphora. From Casalta (see ARV[2]). Manner of Dinos Painter. Late fifth.
  • CAVI Subject: Body: A: Pelops and Hippodameia.
  • CAVI Inscriptions: Πελοψ. Ιπποδαμε[ι](α).
  • CAVI Comments: Inscriptions after FR, pl. 67 (Reichhold). Final alpha not written, according to FR, text and pl. "A approximates to the Meidian style" (ARV[2]).
  • CAVI Number: 0164
  • AVI Bibliography: FR (1904–32), ii, 32-35, pl. 67. — ARV[2] (1963), 1157/25, 1685. — Para. (1971), 458. — Simon–Hirmer (1981), pls. 224-25. — Add.[2] (1989), 337 (much bibl.). — AttScr (1990), no. 1144. — LIMC v (1990), pl. 312, Hippodameia I/23. — Robertson (1992), 244 and 319 n. 60, figs. 248-49 (A). — Matheson (1995), 233, 397/DM29 (not ill.).
  • CAVI / AVI Data from Henry Immerwahr's Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions (CAVI), updated by Rudoph Wachter's Attic Vase Inscriptions (AVI)
  • Image Credits: FURTWANGLER-REICHHOLD DRAWINGS: Please consult with Williams College Special Collections staff and Williams College Visual Resources Center staff, regarding questions about publishing and accessing materials from Williams College Special Collections. Researchers are responsible for handling any copyright issues that may be associated with collections and materials.
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