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7225, Acquarossa, Zone F, Roof F:10

  • Record number: 7225
  • Site: Acquarossa
  • Building or zone: Zone F, Roof F:10
  • Roof element: Raking simas
  • Remarks: Raking sima Type I with cavetto profile, decorated with painted tongue pattern/anthemion/diagonal bands. W circumscribed palmette 12.5. Nail holes in flat tile backer.
  • Bibliography: Gli Etruschi. Nuove ricerche e scoperte 1972, p. 43, no. 89; C. Wikander 1981, p. 80, Sima F4, figs. 44, 45; Case e palazzi d'Etruria 1985, pp. 47-48, no. I:23; Ö. Wikander 1986, p. 136, Sima F4, fig. 73; Architettura etrusca nel Viterbese 1986, pp. 63, 75, no. 68, fig. 55; Ö. Wikander 1994, p. 5, Cavetto with painted tongue; Winter 2009a, pp. 73-74, 2.A.1.b, fig. 2.1, Ill. 2.1.2
  • Publication record: Acquarossa I.1: The painted architectural terracottas. Catalogue and architectural context
    Acquarossa VI.1: The roof-tiles. Catalogue and architectural context
    Architettura etrusca nel Viterbese. Ricerche svedesi a San Giovenale e Acquarossa 1956-1986
    Case e palazzi d'Etruria
    Gli Etruschi. Nuove ricerche e scoperte
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.
    The Archaic Etruscan sima
  • Type of decoration: Painted tongue pattern/anthemion/diagonal bands
  • Current Collection: Museo Nazionale Archeologico: Sima F4 70-126 a-d + 70-134 a-b + 70-314 a-h
  • Height: 16
  • Width: 58.5
  • MPD: 30
  • Paint: White-on-red decoration
  • Condition: Complete in height, width and depth
  • Height top fascia: 1.4
  • Depth top fascia: 4
  • Thickness plaque: 3.1
  • Th. tile backer: 2.2
  • Thickness tile backer: 2.2
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