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1716, Veii, Portonaccio sanctuary - Temple of Apollo

  • Record number: 1716
  • Site: Veii
  • Building or zone: Portonaccio sanctuary - Temple of Apollo
  • Position: Pediment slopes
  • Roof element: Openwork cresting
  • Remarks: Openwork cresting consisting of high arcs across top, above openwork pattern of serpentine bands forming loops across top & bottom, separated by crossing bands forming lozenge pattern through center; solid flat plaque at base, painted with ivy-leaf pattern across top, just below bottommost loops, and undecorated below, where fitted into channel in raking sima top. At bottom, painted numeral for placement sequence. On top of arcs, holes for meniskoi. Along lateral edges, channel for leading to next piece. Earliest openwork crestings used on Etruscan roofs.
  • Bibliography: Stefani 1953, p. 60, fig. 33.d; Di Vita De Angelis 1968, p. 405, Type no. 80, Pl. LXXXVII,b; Santuari d'Etruria 1985, p. 105, 5.1.D.5; Veio, Cerveteri, Vulci 2001, pp. 62-63, I.F.3.2, Pl. II; Etruschi, le antiche metropoli 2008, pp. 204-205, no. 13; Carlucci 2011, p. 118
  • Publication record: Contrassegni alfabetici e di altro tipo su elementi del rivestimento fittile dal tempio dell'Apollo
    Etruschi, le antiche metropoli del Lazio
    Il repertorio figurativo del ciclo acroteriale del tempio dell'Apollo a Veio-Portonaccio
    Santuari d'Etruria
    Veio, Cerveteri, Vulci. Città d'Etruria a confronto. Catalogo della mostra, Roma, Museo Nazionale Etrusco
    Veio. Tempio detto dell'Apollo. Esplorazione e sistemazione del santuario
  • Associated elements: Fragments of at least 5 more plaques; raking simas VP 562, VP 563
  • Type of decoration: Openwork arcs, loops, lozenges; painted numerals
  • Current Collection: Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia: 1131
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 26
  • Width: 36
  • MPD: 2.3
  • Paint: Cream surface, black-brown edges to bands, forming crosses at meeting points
  • Condition: Restored from many fragments, but preserving complete height
  • Cresting decoration: Arcs, loops, lozenges, painted ivy-leaf
  • Height cresting decoration: 26
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