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3630, Poggio Civitate, Courtyard building

  • Record number: 3630
  • Site: Poggio Civitate
  • Building or zone: Courtyard building
  • Roof element: Revetment plaques,figural
  • Remarks: Figural revetment plaque with seated figures facing right. H relief boxes 0.8, 1.6, W boxes 1.4. H relief guilloche 2.7. Diam nail hole 0.7. H guilloche circle 1.9. H guilloche eye 0.8. 3 nail holes in strigils. 2 nail holes in frieze in similar location to those on procession plaques. H chairs 6.2. H attendant at left 14.1. H seated figure at right 13.9. H throne 9.6. W right foot stool 3.5, H 2.1.
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  • Type of decoration: Seated assembly to right/relief meander/relief guilloche
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antiquarium di Poggio Civitate
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 23.5
  • Width: 54.3R
  • MPD: 5.6
  • Clay: 5YR 5/4 (2nd example 5YR 6/6)
  • Height strigil: 4.2-4.4
  • Width strigil: 1.8
  • Convex strigil: yes
  • Height main field: 14.2
  • Thickness plaque: 2.1
  • Thickness including relief: 2.4
  • Height strigil: 4.2-4.4
  • Width strigil: 1.8
  • Convex: yes
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