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7868, Acquarossa, Zone B, Roof B:3

  • Record number: 7868
  • Site: Acquarossa
  • Building or zone: Zone B, Roof B:3
  • Position: Ridge
  • Roof element: Acroteria, cutout
  • Remarks: Pelta-shaped cutout acroterion with palmette center. Preserves central part and half of the right-hand section of a symmetrically designed pattern formed of two wide, splayed, inward-curving bands forming a pelta-shaped volute pattern flanking a central palmette below two, probably smaller, volutes. The wide bands, tapering towards the probable volutes at either side of the plaque, now missing, are edged with grooves. Above the volute bands rises a flat plaque with two concave upper edges bordered by grooves, converging towards the center at the top where they probably formed two smaller volutes. In the center of the plaque is a large palmette, probably originally of seven petals outlined with grooves, circumscribed by an outer groove. Above the palmette is another grooved pattern formed of two parallel, grooved, U-shaped lines suspended from a horizontal grooved line; there is an oblique grooved line inside the area formed by the horizontal and the inner U-shaped line. Both faces of the acroterion bear traces of white and possibly black paint on top of the red surface. White bands appear to follow the curve of the volute band. At the center of the bottom of the plaque, between the two volute bands, a semicircular section is cut out of the plaque to fit over the ridge tile.
  • Bibliography: Rystedt 1983, pp. 23-24, AR 7, fig. 6, Pl. 4, pp. 60-61 (classified as acroterion AR III) and p. 64, fig. 35 (designated as Volute pattern AR 1); Architettura etrusca nel Viterbese 1986, pp. 66, 77, no. 107, figs. 66, 69, Pl. VIII.1; Danner 1993a, p. 94, transverse; Winter 2009a, pp. 109-110, 2.E.6.a, Ill. 2.14
  • Publication record: Acquarossa 4: Early Etruscan akroteria from Acquarossa and Poggio Civitate (Murlo)
    Architettura etrusca nel Viterbese. Ricerche svedesi a San Giovenale e Acquarossa 1956-1986
    Die Dekoration auf First und Giebelschrägen in der archaischen Baukunst Mittelitaliens
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.
  • Type of decoration: Pelta-shape with palmette and volutes
  • Current Collection: Museo Nazionale Archeologico: AR III 69-143 + 69-144
  • Mouldmade: no
  • Height: 54.7
  • Width: 58
  • MPD: 2.6-3.3
  • Paint: Red surface. White in channels and wide bands on lower right panel.
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