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1078, Rome, Forum Romanum - Regia III

  • Record number: 1078
  • Site: Rome
  • Building or zone: Forum Romanum - Regia III
  • Position: Pediment slopes
  • Roof element: Raking sima tile backer
  • Remarks: Fragment of flat tile backer (Th 1.5 at edge - 2 at center break) from raking sima, with no raised side edges. On soffit, red stripe (MPD 3.2), 17.5 from back edge. On top surface at side edge, painted red letter (koppa?) designating placement sequence on roof. Nail hole (Diam 0.7), 4.8 from back edge & 7 cm from side edge. Said to have been stratigraphically associated with 1st Regia. Formerly in Antiquarium forense
  • Bibliography: Gli Etruschi. Nuove ricerche e scoperte 1972, p. 37; Brown 1974-1975, p. 22; La grande Roma 1990, p. 59, 3.2.1; Ö. Wikander 1994, p. 56, no. 37, fig. 5.2; Downey 1995, pp. 81-82, no. 23, figs. 33, 34; Winter 2009a, p. 163, 3.A.1.a
  • Publication record: Architectural terracottas from the Regia
    Gli Etruschi. Nuove ricerche e scoperte
    La grande Roma dei Tarquini
    La protostoria della Regia
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.
    The Archaic Etruscan sima
  • Associated elements: From Section 6b: raking simas R65.38, R65.24, ridge tile R64.337
  • Type of decoration: Painted band/painted letter koppa
  • Current Collection: Museo Nazionale Romano, Baths of Diocletian: R65.34
  • Height: 2
  • Width: 26
  • MPD: 21
  • Clay: 7.5YR 7/4
  • Paint: Red
  • Condition: Fragment of right side of horizontal plaque, preserving back edge & right side edge
  • Th. tile backer: 1.5-2.0
  • D soffit decoration: 3.2
  • Soffit decoration type: Red stripe
  • Thickness tile backer: 1.5-2.0
  • Depth soffit decoration: 3.2
  • Soffit decoration type: Red stripe

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