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4893, ATHENIAN, London, market, Kallos Gallery, London, market, Bonhams, New York (N.Y.), market, Christie's, Paris, private, Stavros S. Niarchos, Basel, market, Münzen und Medaillen A.G., Luzern, market, Ars Antiqua, Lugano, Private, A005

  • Vase Number: 4893
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: BLACK-FIGURE
  • Sub Technique: SIX
  • Shape Name: STAMNOS
  • Date: -525 to -475
  • Inscriptions: Kalos/Kale: ARLEADES
  • Attributed To: Compare ANTIMENES P by ISLER-KERENYI
  • Last Recorded Collection: London, market, Kallos Gallery
  • Previous Collections:
    • Lugano, Private
    • Luzern, market, Ars Antiqua
    • Basel, market, Münzen und Medaillen A.G.
    • Paris, private, Stavros S. Niarchos: A005
    • New York (N.Y.), market, Christie's
    • London, market, Bonhams
  • Publication Record: Archeologia Classica: 69 (2018) 60, FIG.36 (DRAWING OF BD)
    Ars Antiqua A.G., Lucerne, sale catalogue: 13 (7.12.1957) PLS.10-11, NO.14 (A, B)
    Bonhams: 28.4.2010, 94-95, NO.184 (COLOUR)
    Christie, Manson and Woods, sale catalogue: NEW YORK, 7.12.2000, 79-81, NO.441 (COLOUR)
    Isler-Kerenyi, C., Stamnoi (Lugano, 1977): 30-35 (PARTS)
    J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, Stamnoi (1980): NO.7 (PART)
    Kunstwerke der Antike: Münzen und Medaillen, A.G., Basel, sale catalogue: 70 (1986), PL.43, NO.206
    Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae: SUPPLEMENTUM 1, PL.163, MINOTAUROS ADD.1 (BD)
    Marangou, L.I. et al., Ancient Greek Art from the Collection of Stavros S. Niarchos (Athens, 1995): 106-107, 109, NO.16 (COLOUR OF A, PART OF A, B)
    Minerva, International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology: 12.2 (MARCH/APRIL 2001) 38, FIG.8 (COLOUR OF PART)
    Minerva, International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology: 19.5 (SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2008) INSIDE FRONT COVER (COLOUR OF PART)
    Minerva, International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology: 21.5 (SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010) 48, FIG.7 (COLOUR OF PART)
    Numismatica e Antichita Classiche, Quaderni Ticinesi: 5 (1976), 39, FIG.4 (PART)
    Philippaki, B., The Attic Stamnos (Oxford, 1967): PL.1
  • AVI Web:
  • AVI Record Number: 1893
  • LIMC ID: 18057
  • LIMC Web:
  • CAVI Collection: Athens, Stavros S. Niarchos Collection A 005.
  • CAVI Lemma: BF stamnos. From Chiusi. Unattributed. Second quarter sixth. 560-550 (Hess).
  • CAVI Subject: A: Theseus and the Minotaur. B: five women to right.
  • CAVI Inscriptions: A: to left of Theseus' back: Θεσευς. To right of Minotaur's back: Ταυρο[ς] Μινοιος(?){1}.
  • CAVI Footnotes: {1} my suggestion. The text has: Ταυρομινιον, which does not fit the traces at the end of the word. Taurominium is Taormina in Sicily! - M. says: traces of Θεσευς; Ταυρομινιον clearly legible [but I cannot read it in the photo.]
  • CAVI Comments: Ex Hirsch. Bought in 1957 [at the first Hirsch sale.] The surface is in poor condition. - Said to be the earliest stamnos.
  • CAVI Number: 1893
  • AVI Bibliography: Inghirami (1833), 207, pl. 216. — anon. (1957), 13/14, pl. 10. — Philippaki (1967), 1-2, pl. 1. — Brommer (1982), 56 n. 65. — Brommer (1982a), 84ff. (both discuss Taurominion). — LIMC vi (1992), 575, Minotauros 82. — Marangou (1995), 106/16 (ill.) (bibl.).
  • CAVI / AVI Data from Henry Immerwahr's Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions (CAVI), updated by Rudoph Wachter's Attic Vase Inscriptions (AVI)
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