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3376, Poggio Civitate, CA 2I N 5 Str. C

  • Record number: 3376
  • Site: Poggio Civitate
  • Building or zone: CA 2I N 5 Str. C
  • Position: Eaves
  • Roof element: Antefixes, heads
  • Comparanda: 67-29, 67-21, 69-155, 71-586, 82-18
  • Remarks: Human head/mask antefix. H overhang 6. Th plaque 1. No ears. No paint. Back of plaque very smooth; underside of tile rough and bumpy. Found east of southwest tower, same stratum as "Ionic" replacement lateral sima.
  • Bibliography: Winter 1977, p. 19, pl. 3, figs. 1-2; Riis 1981, p. 68, type 2D; Phillips 1984; Phillips 1986; E. Nielsen 1987, pp. 114-116, fig. 83 & reconstruction fig. 85; Bruni et al. 1988, pp. 43-44; Case e palazzi d'Etruria 1985, p. 73, 3.25; Phillips 1993, p. 59, figs. 67-68; Winter 2009a, p. 87, 2.C.4.b, figs. 2.7-2.8, Ill. 2.5.2
  • Publication record: Antiquarium di Poggio Civitate. Author: Bruni, S. et al.. Place of publication: Firenze. Publication Date: 1988
    Architectural terracottas with human heads from Poggio Civitate (Murlo). Author: Winter, N.A.. Journal and volume number: ArchCl 29. Publication Date: 1977. Pages: 17-34
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  • Type of decoration: Human head/mask. Canopic head.
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antiquarium di Poggio Civitate
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 13.1
  • Width: 14.1
  • MPD: 15.8
  • Clay: 5YR 4/6 with darker brown core
  • Height face: 12.4
  • Distance outer eyes: 7.5
  • Width nose bottom: 2.3
  • Width mouth: 3.3
  • Inner H cover tile: 2.5
  • Outer H cover tile: 4
  • Inner W cover tile: 10.3
  • Outer W cover tile: 13.5
  • Thickness tile: 1.6
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