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  • Record number: 5841
  • Remarks: Male head. Edges finished at back, hollow and smoothly finished. Small head with painted moustache and striations, possibly indications of beard on left cheek. Heavily modelled face with raised flat large almond-shaped eyes, deep channel above separated from eyebrow. Archaic smile. Pointed cap with opening for ears. All proveniences are unsubstantiated in Louvre, except for recent attributions to Tuscania.
  • Bibliography: Briguet 1977, no. 39; Le monde Etrusque 1977-1978, p. 46, no. 19; S. Besques, La Revue des Arts 1958, pp. 141f.; Villard n.d., pp. 20-23, no. 39
  • Publication record: Aspects de l'art des Etrusques dans les collection du Louvre. Author: Villard, F.. Place of publication: Paris. Publication Date: n.d.
    Aspects de l'art des Etrusques dans les collections du Louvre. Author: Briguet, M.-F.. Place of publication: Paris. Publication Date: 1977
    Le monde etrusque, Musée Borély. Place of publication: Marseille. Publication Date: 1977-1978
  • Type of decoration: Male head
  • Last Recorded Collection: Musée du Louvre
  • Height: 18.4
  • Width: 11.9
  • MPD: 9.9
  • Clay: 5YR 6/4
  • Paint: Surface slip brown 10YR 6/4. Brown-black on side surface of hat, hair, eyebrow, lids, moustache, cheek. Purple-red on central raised band and arrows 5R 4/3. Brown on face and ears 5YR 5/4. Light brown on edge of hat around ear 5YR 6/4.

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