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1915, Caere

  • Record number: 1915
  • Site: Caere
  • Position: Pediment corner
  • Roof element: Acroterion base
  • Comparanda: Caere, S. Antonio 1339.7, 1339.4: Rizzo 2008, p. 111, figs. 32, 34
  • Remarks: Fragment of right corner of raking sima with lateral acroterion at right of S-volute in relief, and painted soffit. On soffit, painted pattern of waves & rosette, bordered by flat fascia with row of painted circles (Diam rosette 14, H band above dots 1, H dots 5.8-6.4, Diam circles: black 2.1, cream 3.2). Eaves tile edge/taenia has painted checkerboard of 2 rows of lozenges with finished back edge. Restored with TC Y2171A & TC 2037X as Fig. 19.f in Andrén 1940, p. 28, No. II:7b
  • Bibliography: Andrén 1940, p. 28, No. II:7b, fig. 19:f; Kästner 1997, pp. 97-98, no. 1, figs. 1-2 (giving inv. as TC 6681.26, 2046X); Winter 2009a, p. 478, 6.E.4.b, p. 479, 6.E.5.a, pp. 488-489, 6.F.2.h, Ill. 6.24
  • Publication record: Architectural terracottas from Etrusco-Italic Temples. Author: Andrén, A.. Place of publication: Lund/Leipzig. Publication Date: 1939-1940
    Ornamentik und figürliche Verzierungen an den Endstücken etruskischer Giebelsimen. Author: Kästner, V.. Journal and volume number: Deliciae Fictiles II. Place of publication: Amsterdam. Publication Date: 1997. Pages: 95-106
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.. Author: Winter, N.A.. Journal and volume number: MAAR Suppl. 9. Place of publication: Ann Arbor. Publication Date: 2009
  • Associated elements: Y 2171A
  • Type of decoration: Relief S-volute lateral acroterion/painted waves & rosette/painted row of circles
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antikensammlung
  • Height: 17.8
  • Width: 18.4
  • MPD: 7.9
  • Clay: 5YR 6/4
  • Condition: Single fragment
  • Height central fascia: 9.4+
  • Decoration central fascia: painted waves & rosette
  • Height lower roll: 5.8-6.4
  • Decoration lower roll: row of circles
  • Thickness plaque: 3.6
  • Painted decoration only: yes
  • Th. tile backer: 3.1
  • D soffit decoration: 5.4
  • Soffit decoration type: painted diamond checkerboard
  • Height floral field: 16.5+
  • Thickness tile backer: 3.1
  • Depth soffit decoration: 5.4
  • Soffit decoration type: painted diamond checkerboard
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