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67, Cisterna di Latina, Caprifico

  • Record number: 67
  • Site: Cisterna di Latina
  • Building or zone: Caprifico
  • Roof element: Revetment plaques,figural
  • Comparanda: Rome Palatine 12275
  • Remarks: Part of relief plaque with biga driven by warrior in bell corslet over short tunic. Beyond horses, walking man, bare-headed with long locks, spear in right hand, lituus over shoulder. Nail hole at right bottom edge of meander. Given by N. Koutoulakis.
  • Bibliography: Brown 1973-1974, p. 62, Type B.ii (taller); De Reuver 1997, p. 65, fig. 2; Winter 2009a, pp. 358-359, 5.D.1.e; Lulof in Palombi 2010, p. 34, C1, fig. 102
  • Publication record: Archaic frieze plaques from Central Italy in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
    Etrusco-Italic architectural terracottas in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
    Il tempio arcaico di Caprifico di Torrecchia (Cisterna di Latina): I materiali e il contesto
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.
  • Associated elements: Raking simas, lateral simas, antefixes, acroteria
  • Type of decoration: Chariot procession to right
  • Current Collection: Ashmolean Museum: 1973.282a
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 35.1
  • Width: 22.2
  • Clay: 7.5YR 7/4
  • Paint: Slip 10YR 8/3. Brown-red outlining horse 5YR 5/4
  • Condition: 6 fragments joining to form most of left quarter of plaque
  • Width strigil: 3
  • Concave strigil: yes
  • Height main field: 20.2
  • Decoration main field: Relief figured frieze
  • Thickness plaque: 1.9
  • Thickness including relief: 3.7
  • Mouldmade decoration: yes
  • Width strigil: 3
  • Concave: yes
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