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818, ATHENIAN, Rome, Mus. Naz. Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Boston (MA), Museum of Fine Arts, Basel, market, Münzen und Medaillen A.G., 1977.713

  • Vase Number: 818
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: LEKYTHOS
  • Date: -525 to -475
  • Inscriptions: Named: TELAMEDES
  • Attributed To: Compare BERLIN P by UNKNOWN
  • Decoration: Body: UNDECORATED
  • Last Recorded Collection: Rome, Mus. Naz. Etrusco di Villa Giulia
  • Previous Collections:
    • Basel, market, Münzen und Medaillen A.G.
    • Boston (MA), Museum of Fine Arts: 1977.713
  • Publication Record: Godart, L. and De Caro, S. (eds.), Nostoi, Capolavori Ritrovati, Roma, Palazzo del Quirinale, Galleria di Alessandro VII, 21 dicembre 2007 - 2 marzo 2008 (Rome, 2007): 88-89 (COLOUR OF PART)
    Knoepfler, D., Les Imagiers de l'Orestie, Mille ans d'art antique autour d'un mythe grec (Zurich, 1993): 43, FIG.26 (S)
    Kunstwerke der Antike: Münzen und Medaillen, A.G., Basel, sale catalogue: 51 (14-15.3.1975), PL.35, NO.150
    Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae: I, 372, AIGISTHOS 6A (DRAWING OF S)
    Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae: VII, PL.588, TELAMEDES 1 (PART)
    Museum Year, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: 1977-78, 22
    Prag, A., The Oresteia (Warminster, 1985): PL.0, FIG.A (S)
  • AVI Web:
  • AVI Record Number: 2825
  • LIMC ID: 8497
  • LIMC Web:
  • CAVI Collection: Boston 1977.713.
  • CAVI Lemma: RF lekythos. Unattributed{1}. First quarter fifth. Ca. 500 (Cahn).
  • CAVI Subject: Shoulder: Death of Aegisthus: Clytaemnestra with an axe rushes toward him; young Telamedes holds her back; Orestes plunges his sword into the neck of Aegisthus who is sitting on a throne (part of this is missing). Body: plain BG.
  • CAVI Inscriptions: Shoulder: behind C.'s back: Κλλδι-μεστ̣ρας, retr.{2}. Τελαμεδες, retr. To right of O.'s head: [Ο]ρεστες.
  • CAVI Footnotes: {1} Cf. Berlin Painter and Eucharides Painter (Cahn). {2} so Cahn's text, noting that the name is miswritten. I think, probably: Κλυ[τ]αι{-}μεστρας, unless the missing tau is Cahn's error.
  • CAVI Comments: Telamedes for Pylades? Or contamination of Talthybius and Pylades (Cahn). Aegistus' name is probably lost in the break. - Cahn compares the lekythos Oxford 1932.733 (Haspels (1936), pl. 22,1), which he thinks is by the same hand.
  • CAVI Number: 2825
  • AVI Bibliography: BADB 818. — M&M-Auction (1975), pl. 35/150. — NNN (1977–8), MFABMusY: 22. — LIMC i (1981), 372, Aigisthos 6A (dr. of shoulder). — Prag (1985), pl. O, fig. A (shoulder).
  • CAVI / AVI Data from Henry Immerwahr's Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions (CAVI), updated by Rudoph Wachter's Attic Vase Inscriptions (AVI)

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