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Later Archaic Greek gems: early examples

Some early examples with Greek subjects but oriental detail help demonstrate the origins of this series very well.

Gem image

Cornelian scarab from Marion, Cyprus. Herakles rescues Deianeira from Nessos. The cross-hatched area below is Phoenician, as are the 'life sign' and falcon above.

Private Coll. 16mm. AGGems no. 72

Gem image

Cornelian scarab. A Greek gorgon with horse body (rare but appropriate for the monster) grapples a lion in a common eastern pose.

Unknown Coll. 14mm. AGGems no. 31.

Gem image

Cornelian scarab. A figure like a winged satyr or Bes (an Egyptian/Phoenician deity) but with a lion body grapples a goat in a pose more appropriate to Bes than a Greek satyr.

London, Walters no. 317. 15mm. AGGems no. 35.

Gem image

Chalcedony scarab from Cyprus. A six-winged goddess with winged head and heels carries a sun disc. A greek interpretation of the eastern winged disc.

Oxford 1966.595, I, no. *. 15mm. AGGems no. 40.

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