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A Greek painter, born in Thasos, whose works were displayed in Athens (the Painted Stoa) where he may have collaborated with the Athenian Mikon in the depiction of an Amazonomachy and of the Battle at Marathon; and at Delphi (the Lesche - Club House of the Cnidians) where he painted a Sack of Troy and a Nekyia (Visit to the Underworld). These are works of around and before the middle of the 5th century BC. Nothing has survived beyond descriptions by the travel writer Pausanias. His style was as much late archaic as early classical, and a feature of his paintings was the arrangement of figures up and down the field instead of in a frieze. This did not involve perspective or diminishing of figures in the distance but did allow a greater freedom of composition, and the scheme was taken up by vase painters in Athens (first, the Niobid Painter).

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