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The Siphnian Treasury at Delphi

Siphnian Treasury drawing
  • Siphnian Treasury. Drawing: After A.F.Stewart, Greek Sculpture, fig.188

The Treasury was built at Delphi by the people of Siphnos, sometime before 525 BC, after a lucky strike of silver on their island. The porch is supported by Caryatids (figures of women), and there are friezes on all sides.

Aerial view of Delphi
  • Aerial view of Delphi. Photo : M.Maass, Das Antike Delphi

The friezes show: the war of the gods and Giants; the Judgement of Paris; the gods and a duel at Troy; a procession. The east pediment shows the struggle between Apollo and Herakles for the Delphic tripod. The quality of the carving makes this an important monument for the dating of Archaic Greek sculpture.

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