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Metopes of the Athenian Treasury at Delphi

Image Map of metopes

Above: John Boardman Greek Sculpture Archaic Peroid fig.213 (Marion Cox)

1-8: adventures of Theseus. 9-14: Amazons fighting. 15-22: adventures of Herakles. 23-27: Herakles and Geryon. (Metopes 17 and 22 are not shown)

The metopes survive in a frgamentary state and mostly show the adventures of the heroes Theseus and Herakles. The figures were carved in high relief. It is probable that the metopes of Herakles were on the north and west sides, and those of Theseus on the south. The east (front) metopes showed Amazons fighting, but against whom we do not know.

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