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This new series is in the same format as Studies in the History of Collections and Studies in Classical Archaeology and has the same publishers - The Classical Art Research Centre and The Beazley Archive in the University of Oxford and Archaeopress, the Oxford-based publisher of British Archaeological Reports. It is intended for studies in gems and jewellery from ancient to neo-classical, both monographs and the publication of contents of collections, and is inspired by the Beazley Archive's rich resources of gem impressions and casts, gathered first by Sir John Beazley himself, later by John Boardman, Martin Henig, and others.

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Volume II
Classical Phoenician Scarabs
A Catalogue and Study

by J. Boardman

This volume presents Phoenician green jasper scarabs found in the Mediterranean world, from excavations and in collections. They were being made throughout the period of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, from the late 6th to mid-4th centuries BC, and a case is made here for their production in Phoenicia itself, rather than in the Punic west, where most have so far been found.

A full range is illustrated, with comparanda, and there is a brief study also of west Mediterranean finger rings of the same period.

Web version of the catalogue of scarabs, with extra illustrations.

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