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Studies in Classical Archaeology

Excavating Classical Culture - Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Greece, inaugurates a new series, Studies in Classical Archaeology, in the same format as Studies in the History of Collections.

The series is published by the Beazley Archive in the University of Oxford and Archaeopress, the Oxford-based publisher of British Archaeological Reports. It aims to make high quality books on classical archaeology and art available quickly and at a reasonable price.

The second volume in the series, The Lewes House Gems, by J.D. Beazley was published in October 2002. It is a revised edition, by Sir John Boardman, of Beazley's classic publication of 1920.

The third volume is Reception of Classical Art, an Introduction. A series of lectures took place in the autumn of 2003 designed to complement two options in the Master of Studies in Classical Archaeology. It was decided to publish the lectures as delivered, without footnotes, but with bibliographies specifically chosen for our students.

The fourth volume is Essays in Classical Archaeology for Eleni Hatzivassiliou 1977-2007. A memorial volume, compiled by friends and colleagues, presented to her parents on the first anniversary of her tragic death on the island of Lesbos in July 2007.

The fifth volume is Cruelty and sentimentality: Greek attitudes to animals, 600-300 BC. A work examining archaeological and literary evidence to discover how ancient Greeks regarded, interacted with, used, and treated tame and domestic animals, as well as some prominent wild species.


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Volume IV
Essays in Classical Archaeology for Eleni Hatzivassiliou 1977-2007

edited by Donna Kurtz with Caspar Meyer, David Saunders, Athena Tsingarida and Nicole Harris


  1. The origins of Greek myth - John Boardman
  2. Homer and the Solymians - J.J. Coulton
  3. Sappho’s sensual world - Thomas Brisart
  4. An early archaic sphinx from the Polis Cave, Ithaka (Stavros 59) - Catherine Morgan
  5. The riddle of the sphinx: a Protocorinthian vase from Perachora and the sphinx in Corinthian art - Catherine Cooper
  6. A Middle Corinthian puzzle from Isthmia - K.W. Arafat
  7. Athens versus Attika: local variations in funerary practices during the late seventh and early sixth century BC - Alexandra-Fani Alexandridou
  8. A chorus of women ololyzousai on an early Attic skyphos - Nassi Malagardis
  9. Dead warriors and their wounds on Athenian black-figure vases - David Saunders
  10. Towers, pillars or frames? - Elizabeth Moignard
  11. Nikosthenes looking east? Phialai in Six’s and polychrome Six’s technique - Athena Tsingarida
  12. Some fictile biographies from Naukratis - Alan Johnston
  13. The painter of Rhodes 13472: observations on a vase-painter of the Leagros Group - Anna A. Lemos
  14. Kalypso’s conifers? - Elke Böhr
  15. Attic, Boeotian or Euboean? An orphan skyphos from Rhitsona revisited - Victoria Sabetai [View article images]
  16. Bird-women on the Harpy Monument from Xanthos, Lycia: sirens or harpies? - Catherine M. Draycott
  17. The asses’ lot - Louise Calder [View article images]
  18. The mounds associated with the Battle of Marathon in 490BC and the dating of Greek pottery - Chia-Lin Hsu
  19. A wild goose chase? Geese and goddesses in classical Greece - Alexandra Villing
  20. Prometheus Bound and Unbound: between art and drama - Dyfri Williams
  21. Comedies on South Italian vases - Thomas Mannack
  22. The Derveni Krater - Michalis Tiverios
  23. Private sentiments in public spaces: two votive groups from Epidauros - Olympia Bobou
  24. Cretan nymphs: an Attic hypothesis - Milena Melfi
  25. A banquet relief from Thasos - Konstantina Panousi
  26. Sosilos’ statue and nudity in public honorific portrait statues in the Hellenistic period- Stella Skaltsa
  27. Ouaphres Horou, an Egyptian priest of Isis from Demetrias - Maria Stamatopoulou
  28. Piecing it together: the fragmentary Hellenistic vermiculatum mosaic from Tel Dor - William Wootton [View article images]
  29. Designing the landscapes of the Villa of Livia at Prima Porta - Manta Zarmakoupi
  30. The quality of virtù and José Nicolás de Azara in Rome, 1766-1798 - Alexandra Sulzer
  31. ‘Poor architecture of antiquity, what is it doing in such a climate as this?’ Classical archaeology and its influence on nineteenth-century London monuments - Kate Nichols
  32. Doing business: two unpublished letters from Athenasios Rhousopoulos to Arthur Evans in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford- Yannis Galanakis
  33. Early visitors to the site of the Perachoran Heraion - Thomas R. Patrick
  34. Sappho (and Sophocles) at King’s College London - Michael Trapp

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