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Volume IV
Essays in Classical Archaeology for Eleni Hatzivassiliou 1977-2007

edited by Donna Kurtz with Caspar Meyer, David Saunders, Athena Tsingarida and Nicole Harris


  1. The origins of Greek myth - John Boardman
  2. Homer and the Solymians - J.J. Coulton
  3. Sappho’s sensual world - Thomas Brisart
  4. An early archaic sphinx from the Polis Cave, Ithaka (Stavros 59) - Catherine Morgan
  5. The riddle of the sphinx: a Protocorinthian vase from Perachora and the sphinx in Corinthian art - Catherine Cooper
  6. A Middle Corinthian puzzle from Isthmia - K.W. Arafat
  7. Athens versus Attika: local variations in funerary practices during the late seventh and early sixth century BC - Alexandra-Fani Alexandridou
  8. A chorus of women ololyzousai on an early Attic skyphos - Nassi Malagardis
  9. Dead warriors and their wounds on Athenian black-figure vases - David Saunders
  10. Towers, pillars or frames? - Elizabeth Moignard
  11. Nikosthenes looking east? Phialai in Six’s and polychrome Six’s technique - Athena Tsingarida
  12. Some fictile biographies from Naukratis - Alan Johnston
  13. The painter of Rhodes 13472: observations on a vase-painter of the Leagros Group - Anna A. Lemos
  14. Kalypso’s conifers? - Elke Böhr
  15. Attic, Boeotian or Euboean? An orphan skyphos from Rhitsona revisited - Victoria Sabetai [View article images]
  16. Bird-women on the Harpy Monument from Xanthos, Lycia: sirens or harpies? - Catherine M. Draycott
  17. The asses’ lot - Louise Calder [View article images]
  18. The mounds associated with the Battle of Marathon in 490BC and the dating of Greek pottery - Chia-Lin Hsu
  19. A wild goose chase? Geese and goddesses in classical Greece - Alexandra Villing
  20. Prometheus Bound and Unbound: between art and drama - Dyfri Williams
  21. Comedies on South Italian vases - Thomas Mannack
  22. The Derveni Krater - Michalis Tiverios
  23. Private sentiments in public spaces: two votive groups from Epidauros - Olympia Bobou
  24. Cretan nymphs: an Attic hypothesis - Milena Melfi
  25. A banquet relief from Thasos - Konstantina Panousi
  26. Sosilos’ statue and nudity in public honorific portrait statues in the Hellenistic period- Stella Skaltsa
  27. Ouaphres Horou, an Egyptian priest of Isis from Demetrias - Maria Stamatopoulou
  28. Piecing it together: the fragmentary Hellenistic vermiculatum mosaic from Tel Dor - William Wootton [View article images]
  29. Designing the landscapes of the Villa of Livia at Prima Porta - Manta Zarmakoupi
  30. The quality of virtù and José Nicolás de Azara in Rome, 1766-1798 - Alexandra Sulzer
  31. ‘Poor architecture of antiquity, what is it doing in such a climate as this?’ Classical archaeology and its influence on nineteenth-century London monuments - Kate Nichols
  32. Doing business: two unpublished letters from Athenasios Rhousopoulos to Arthur Evans in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford- Yannis Galanakis
  33. Early visitors to the site of the Perachoran Heraion - Thomas R. Patrick
  34. Sappho (and Sophocles) at King’s College London - Michael Trapp

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