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946, Rome, S. Omobono 2nd phase temple

  • Record number: 946
  • Site: Rome
  • Building or zone: S. Omobono 2nd phase temple
  • Position: Slopes
  • Roof element: Tiles, cover?
  • Remarks: Fragment of convex cover tile (Th 2) with painted top surface consisting of bands of black zigzag with 1 curved & 1 pointed side/red zigzag with 1 curved & 1 pointed side/band of alternating closed & open lotus flowers issuing from black band with scalloped edge, near 2-stepped, raised flat edge (MPTh 4). Break from attached element. Lotuses painted with black petals, separated by thin cream line from red calyxes, on cream ground. Curve of cover tile fits contour of cutout for antefix on lateral simas (e.g.,15893). RW 18.6
  • Bibliography: Gjerstad 1960, pp. 448-454, fig. 282.2; La grande Roma 1990, p. 125, 5.1.24; Winter 2009a, p. 390, 5.G.1 (probably column of louterion or perirrhanterion)
  • Publication record: Early Rome III: Fortifications, domestic architecture, sanctuaries, stratigraphic excavations. Author: Gjerstad, E.. Place of publication: Lund. Publication Date: 1960
    La grande Roma dei Tarquini. Author: Cristofani, M. (ed.). Place of publication: Roma. Publication Date: 1990
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.. Author: Winter, N.A.. Journal and volume number: MAAR Suppl. 9. Place of publication: Ann Arbor. Publication Date: 2009
  • Type of decoration: Painted zigzags/floral band
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antiquarium Comunale
  • Width: 16
  • MPD: 25.2
  • Clay: 10YR 6/3
  • Paint: Cream 10YR 7/3, red 5R/ - 7.5R 4/2
  • Outer W cover tile: 18
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