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1702, Veii, Piano di Comunità

  • Record number: 1702
  • Site: Veii
  • Building or zone: Piano di Comunità
  • Position: Eaves
  • Roof element: Antefixes, heads
  • Remarks: Fairly complete head of helmeted female wearing disk earring and necklace. Full face, with short broad nose, thin smiling lips, full chin. Head projects above cover tile at back, with back of helmet hollowed
  • Bibliography: Torelli & Pohl 1973, p. 61, n. 1; Torelli 1992, p. 273, n. 115; Veio, Cerveteri, Vulci 2001, p. 28, I.D.11; Carlucci 2004; Winter 2009a, p. 350, 5.C.4
  • Publication record: I fregi figurati delle regiae latine ed etrusche. Immaginario del potere arcaico. Author: Torelli, M.. Journal and volume number: Ostraka 1.2. Publication Date: 1992. Pages: 249-274
    L'antefissa a testa di dea elmata. Author: Carlucci, C.. Journal and volume number: Bridging the Tiber, ed. H. Patterson. Place of publication: London. Publication Date: 2004. Pages: 218-219
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    Veio. Scoperta di un piccolo santuario etrusco in località Campetti. Author: Torelli, M. & I. Pohl. Journal and volume number: NSc. Publication Date: 1973. Pages: 58-63
  • Type of decoration: Juno Regina
  • Last Recorded Collection: Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 18.3
  • Width: 11.5
  • Clay: 7.5YR 6/4
  • Paint: White skin, black hair, eyes, Attic helmet, red lips & dot on left cheek
  • Condition: Broken below chin and through cover tile at back
  • Height face: 17.2
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