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6207, ATHENIAN, Lecce, Museo Provinciale Sigismaondo Castromediano, 610

  • Vase Number: 6207
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: KRATER, CALYX
  • Provenance: ITALY, GINOSA
  • Date: -475 to -425
  • Last Recorded Collection: Lecce, Museo Provinciale Sigismaondo Castromediano: 610
  • Publication Record: Bernardini, M., I vasi Attici del Museo Provinciale di Lecce (Lecce, 1965): 62-64 (A,B,PARTS)
    Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: LECCE, MUSEO PROVINCIALE SIGISMONDO CASTROMEDIANO 1, III.I.C.5, PLS.(159,161) 8.3, 10.1-2 View Whole CVA Plates
    Jahrbuch der staatlichen Kunstsammlungen in Baden-Wurttemberg: 9 (1972), 13, FIG.3 (A)
    Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae: VII, PL.6, OIDIPOUS 10 (A)
    Moret, J.-M., Oedipe, la Sphinx et les Thebains (Rome, 1984): PL.39.2-3 (A)
  • AVI Web:
  • AVI Record Number: 4128
  • LIMC ID: 8037
  • LIMC Web:
  • CAVI Collection: Lecce 610.
  • CAVI Lemma: RF calyx krater. From Ginosa or Rugge{1}. Unattributed. 475-425 (Bea. Arch.).
  • CAVI Subject: A: Oedipus and the Sphinx: the sphinx seated on a column; Oedipus leaning on his stick. B: satyr with torch and thyrsus running.
  • CAVI Inscriptions: A: on the base, in BG: καλος. No longer visible is an inscription running from Oedipus' head to the sphinx: καλος (h)ο καλος{2}. B: from the satyr's mouth: καλος, retr. except sigma.
  • CAVI Footnotes: {1} see CVA. {2} so CVA, text, no doubt with errors; the heta printed = the Attic drachma sign.
  • CAVI Number: 4128
  • AVI Bibliography: BADB 6207. — Fiorelli (1881), 95f. — P. Romanelli, CVA Lecce 1, Italy 4 (1928), III I c, pl. 101. — Bernardini (1965), 62-64 (A, B, parts). — Hausmann (1972), 13, fig. 3 (A).
  • CAVI / AVI Data from Henry Immerwahr's Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions (CAVI), updated by Rudoph Wachter's Attic Vase Inscriptions (AVI)
  • Pleiades URI:
  • Coordinates: 40.577549,16.755501
  • Pleiades Coordinates: 40.581291,16.757056
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