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920, Rome, S. Omobono 2nd phase temple

  • Record number: 920
  • Site: Rome
  • Building or zone: S. Omobono 2nd phase temple
  • Position: Pedimental apex
  • Roof element: Acroteria, human statues
  • Comparanda: Statues from Veii, Satricum
  • Remarks: Hollow, handmande 3/4 life-size statue of Herakles wearing tunic & lion-skin, attached at left to right shoulder & bent arm of Athena statue preserving right breast & fold of drapery. Tunic with edge at neck, sleeves ending above elbow, skirt pointed at bottom between legs. Over tunic, lion-skin over shoulders, paws tied on chest, passing under arms & falling in long flaps alongside legs. Over skin, raised section (H 21) passing under arms at right side, with curved edge, & belt at front with square buckle. Large hollow torso with hollow arms & legs attached after being separately modelled. Skirt then attached over legs, leaving triangular hollow below front & back. No inner struts. Walls of varying thickness (top back 1.8, top chest 1.3, top of right leg 2.4, left leg 1.8). W shoulders at bottom of lion-skin 37, MPL left arm 38, H buckle to left knee 44, W knee 9.8, D 10.8.
  • Bibliography: Sommella Mura 1977a, pp. 99-119, figs. 24, 41-44; Sommella Mura 1977b, pp. 1-4; Enea nel Lazio 1981, pp. 121-122 C3; La grande Roma 1990, pp. 119-120 5.1.1 (a-c);Mura Sommella 1993, p. 226, fig. 4; Parisi Presicce 1997, p. 175, fig. 13; Winter 2009a, pp. 379-380, 5.E.1.a, fig. 5.34, Ill. 5.16.2
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  • Associated elements: 16163, 16167; Athena statue 16161, 16117, 14194; base 15853, 15996
  • Type of decoration: Herakles & Athena from introduction into Olympus
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antiquarium Comunale
  • Mouldmade: no
  • Height: 75
  • Width: 55
  • MPD: 22.2
  • Paint: Gold-brown lion skin & paws 7.5YR 5/6, red-brown on bottom edge of skirt & skin of legs & right arm 2.5YR 4/6, black
  • Condition: Joined from many fragments, preserved from neck to left knee. Missing right arm & lower left
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