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870, Rome, Esquiline

  • Record number: 870
  • Site: Rome
  • Building or zone: Esquiline
  • Roof element: Revetment plaques,figural
  • Comparanda: Smaller version: cf. Rome, Antiquarium Comunale 15800; Velletri (Andrén 1940, p. No. I:1)
  • Remarks: Plaque with small part of strigils above relief frieze: biga (Diam. wheel 4.8) with winged horses (H heads 6.5), charioteer & female passenger behind triga (Diam wheel 4.8) with male passenger and male walking alongside beyond horses. 4 nail holes (Diam 0.9). Traces of red-brown paint on biga, horse & wing, ground. Back flat & unslipped.
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  • Type of decoration: Chariot procession with biga & triga moving to right
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antiquarium Comunale
  • Mouldmade: yes
  • Height: 24
  • Width: 60.1
  • Clay: 10YR 6/4
  • Paint: Cream slip 10YR 7/3, red-brown 2.5YR 4/4
  • Condition: Missing most of strigilation & parts of frieze
  • Height main field: 20.3
  • Mouldmade decoration: yes

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