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1850, Caere?

  • Record number: 1850
  • Site: Caere?
  • Position: Pediment right corner
  • Roof element: Acroteria, animal statues
  • Comparanda: Civita Castellana sphinx, Villa Giulia 7264-7269; painted eaves tiles from Helbig-Fundes from Cerveteri; Steingräber 1985 Sphinx, T. dei Tori, Fig. 164, ca. 530 B.C.
  • Remarks: Crouching sphinx statue, modelled in round, facing right, attached at (left) back to raking sima with flat front on which is handpainted bichrome meander (W band 1.6). On soffit, 13.9 cm of painted pattern at left (painted disk) = soffit of raking sima, with painted pattern to right (bichrome palmette) = eaves tile soffit decoration, separated by band of black boxes with red boxes on white ground. Sphinx finished on both sides, with raised ridge (MPH 3.5, W 2.1) connecting wings (Th 1.4) to back. Wings in 2 curving sections, divided by wide black stripe, with feathers indicated by wide brown band between cream & thin black stripes. Black beaded strands of hair. Opening in neck at break (Diam 5.3). On lower chest, painted scale pattern, pointing upwards. At back of neck at break, semicircular band (hair edge?). No tail. From the Sermoneta Collection
  • Bibliography: Cristofani 1990b, p. 37, figs. 7-8 (siren); Kästner 1993, pp. 115-116, no. 10 (compared to eaves tiles from Helbig-fundes from Cerveteri); Danner 1993a, p. 102; Kästner 1997, pp. 101-103, figs. 4 & 5A (raking sima corner, 510 B.C.); Winter 2009a, p. 420, 6.A.2.g (raking sima), Ill. 6.4.2, & pp. 476-477, 6.E.3.b (acroterion) & p. 486, 6.F.2.e (eaves tile)
  • Publication record: Architektonische Terrakotten aus der Sammlung der Hergozin von Sermoneta in der Berliner Antikensammlung. Author: Kästner, V.. Journal and volume number: Deliciae Fictiles. Place of publication: Stockholm. Publication Date: 1993. Pages: 109-116
    Die Dekoration auf First und Giebelschrägen in der archaischen Baukunst Mittelitaliens. Author: Danner, P.. Journal and volume number: Deliciae Fictiles. Place of publication: Stockholm. Publication Date: 1993. Pages: 93-107
    Ornamentik und figürliche Verzierungen an den Endstücken etruskischer Giebelsimen. Author: Kästner, V.. Journal and volume number: Deliciae Fictiles II. Place of publication: Amsterdam. Publication Date: 1997. Pages: 95-106
    Osservazioni sulle decorazioni fittili arcaiche del santuario di Sant'Omobono. Author: Cristofani, M.. Journal and volume number: Archeologia Laziale 10:2. Place of publication: Roma. Publication Date: 1990. Pages: 31-37
    Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C.. Author: Winter, N.A.. Journal and volume number: MAAR Suppl. 9. Place of publication: Ann Arbor. Publication Date: 2009
  • Type of decoration: Crouching sphinx/painted meander/painted disk/painted boxes/painted palmette
  • Last Recorded Collection: Antikensammlung
  • Mouldmade: no
  • Height: 20.2
  • Width: 40
  • MPD: 14.7
  • Clay: 2.5Y 8/4
  • Paint: Cream ground 10YR 7/4, red-brown 5YR 3/3, black.
  • Condition: Broken through neck, missing head, forepaws, tips of wings, tile backer
  • Length torso: 35
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