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A actor, dressed, hand to the beard of his 'old-man' mask and holding a knobbed stick. Short ground line.A bearded man (poet?) seated on a chair, holding a scroll?, before a herm. Ground line.A bearded man (Silenos?) with dress around his waist walking holding out a kantharos. A wreath in the field behind him. Ground line.A bearded man wearing a pilos, fully dressed sitting on a b;ock, a disc bneside it, leaning on a staff. Inscribed DIOGENES.A bearded naked man holding a tall staff and a sickle; two stalks on the thick ground line. Saturn or a reaper?A bearded radiate Helios drives a quadriga. Rocks behind him. Short ground line.A bearded Triton carrying a naked Nereid, her dress behind her. Beyond, a bearded draped figure on a horse or hippocamp. Rocks and waves.A bearded, wreathed satyr, cross-legged, hand raised holding a pipe in each hand, leaning on a female? herm draped with an animal skin, to which his head is turned. Before him a bearded-head-herm, against which his knobbed stick is propped. Ground line.A beardless wreathed man holding a trident and a nymph with dress around her legs are riding a sea horse. Rocks? and waves at the sides and below. Originally identified as perhaps Antony and Cleopatra, probably regarded as Poseidon and Amphitrite when it was made.A bull walking. Ground line.A bull with head lowered; crescent in field. Ground line.A bull with head turned. Ground line.A bust of Cleopatra, full-faced, bare-breasted, with a vulture headdress, holding a snake. Very high relief.A Canopic jar; the head wearing an atef crown, the body of the vase decorated with a pattern of blobs and cuts.A cavalry combat. Seven armed horsemen with shields with head devices, spears, and a standard labelled S.P.Q.R. at the left, one with an elephant outlined on it at the right, in a mêlée. At the left a man on a plunging horse,and a fallen man wearing a tunic, holding a standard. Shield devices have grotesque frontal heads.A cock holding a weath.A comic bearded mask.A copy of 429, possibly by Natter.A copy of the famous gem signed by Eutyches, now in Berlin (FG 2305; Antike Gemmen in Deutschen Sammlungen II, 456), the last line of the inscription slightly damaged in making a bevel for the setting. There had been speculation that this stone is the original. It shows the frontal bust of Athena, wearing an ornate Corinthian helmet and aegis. The original was made in the 1st cent. BC.A copy of the head of the Eros Centocello in the Vatican. Signed MARCHANT F.A couchant panther with forelegs spread.A cow suckling a CALF, a tree beyond. Ground line.A dancing maenad in back three-quarter view, with loose transparent dress, head thrown back, holding a thyrsos and a tambourine. Ground line.A dancing maenad, head thrown back, playing cymbals.'A dancing satyr, head, one arm and leg thrown back, holding a thyrsos and kantharos, an animal skin over one arm. A crater on its side on the ground line.A dancing satyr, one arm and leg thrown back, holding a stick and an animal skin.A dancing satyr, tip-toe holding a two-ended thyrsos and a kantharos, an animal skin over his arm. Short ground line.A date palm at the centre; leaning at its foot a shield; at one side in the field a sword, greaves, a wreath, and a palm branch; at the other a helmet, spear, and wreath; a dog walking. Ground lineA dog or wolf lying down.A dog walking, head turned back. Ground line.A dolphin and rudder.A donkey, pawing. Ground line.A dressed woman walking, wearing a loose chiton, holding a palm branch? arching over her head. Before her a bird, and a child (Eros?) with raised arms; behind her, a tree. Ground line.A dressed woman walks forwards holding up a vessel (for incense), an upright torch before her. Ground line.A facing bald mask.A facing comic mask.A fallen archer, with chlamys, helmet and bow held aloft, pulls a spear from his side. Behind him a warrior with helmet, chlamys, oval shield (thunderbolt device) and spear storms away.A fluted urn with conical lid and two grffin head-and-neck handles.A fly on a caduceus. On the subject, Middleton, Dalmatia 258.A fly.A frog.A frontal bearded herm on a base, probably Dionysos, with dress at the shoulders.A frontal bearded mask.A frontal head with a high forehead and lock of hair, like a mask.A fully armed Roman warrior with raised spear and flying cloak on a rearing horse, riding down a crouching naked warrior with oval shield. Ground line.A fully armed warrior raises an arm, holding his sword, over his head, looking away. Facing him is a naked Apollo, with bladric, with a hand raised to him and holding his bow. Behind him a warrior with shield escapes through an arch in an ashlar wall. Ground line.A fully armed warrior with shield and spear on a rearing horse. Ground line.A galley with four figures busy with the rigging; swans' heads fore and aft, three fish below.A goat browsing on a large ear of corn. Ground line.A hand holding a mouse.A hand pinching an ear within a knotted diadem. Inscribed ?Remember me, the beautiful Psyche (love or spirit) good luck, Sophronios?.A hand pinching an ear. Inscribed MNEMONEUE.A head of Eros or a baby facing, with plaited centre lock.A helmeted female bust with another head, veiled?A hippocamp.A horse with head lowered.A horseman with flying cloak and flat hat. A loose rein? Ground line.A huntsman wearing a short tunic walks holding a stick over his shoulder from which hang a hare and a pot. His dog beside him looks back and up towards a cock in his hand. Ground line.A janiform bearded head with a small flat cap. On the back an intaglio: three conjoined heads of a curlyhaired child and, inverted, of a bearded head.A kneeling warrior, with helmet, shield with gorgoneion blazon, his sword upright in his hand. Ground line. A wounded hero.A large fragment cut to a circle. The forepart of a Triton holding on his back a naked Nereid, her dress over legs and one arm, held by the Triton. Before him the upper part of an Eros with a dolphin; at the break below, the head of another Eros; waves. Signed Hyllos.A laureate bust, the dress at the neck knotted like a lionskin.A leaping quadriga.A lion attacking a bull from the side. Ground line.A lion passant.A lion, head frontal, his paw on the head of a bull or stag, a dog beyond. Ground line.A lioness.A low open shrine with curved pediment, balls at apex and corners, a pair of Tuscan columns at either side, and outside, two standed pots. Within, a kneeling figure with dress and cap holds up a cup to a blazing altar, a star above it, a standed pot beyond it, and a Priapic herm. Double ground line.A maenad, naked but for dress over her thighs, lies in three-quarter back view, her hands over her head which is raised on a round box or basket. She seems to hold fruit in her right hand, and is suckling a baby panther. A young satyr stoops towards her steadying himself on his pedum, a panther skin over his thigh, foot raised on a wicker box, holding the panther's tail. Beyond is an arc of flowers (?). At the right a seated maenad, dress over her legs and held over her head, where it waves free, holding a tympanon on her lap. Rocks or masonry below her and the satyr's foot. Below the notched ground line, two cymbals, a kantharos and a tympanon.A maenad, with dress around her legs, one foot raised on rocks, and holding a thyrsos, reaches out her hand to a Priapic herm on rocks. Ground line.A male with short cloak standing on a low column; a bearded satyr playing double pipes; a burning altar; a girl satyr offers herself to a priapic herm on a base, her hand to its head, one foot raised on a low base.A man (Hephaistos?) making a helmet. He is seated on a wreathed altar and his anvil is of similar form. He raises a hammer. Behind it, two spears, one inverted. Dress around his shoulders and leg, the helmet is crested. Ground line.A man seated on a rock, dress around his legs greets three warriors shaking one (bearded, naked) by the hand; one warrior has shield and corselet, another helmet and shield. Ground line.A man wearing a himation, holding a cornucopia and holding out a snake?. Ground line.A man wearing an animal skin and with a knobbed stick driving a cow; a tree beyond. ground line.A naked Apollo in profile, holding out a bow and arrow. Ground line.A naked bearded boxer, one arm extended, the other bent. Short ground line.A naked bearded boxer, one arm extended, the other bent. Short ground line. As 612.A naked crouching woman lifting her dress over her head. Ground line. 'Aphrodite anadyomene'. A Classical motif much copied.A naked figure of Bonus Eventus frontal, holding a patera and two ears of corn. Short ground line.A naked Nereid holding a stylis seated on a Triton, wrapped around her, her hand at his neck. The Triton wears a horned-animal skin (a griffin?). A small naked boy 'with windblown hair' (Beazley) holds the Triton's tail.A naked radiate Helios standing with one hand raised, the other holding a whip, his elbow on a low column. Short ground line. Inscribed on the back SEMESEILAM.A naked sculptor seated chiselling a bearded bust on a wreathed block. Behind it a lidded vase and a herm with a palm branch and shield or tympanon behind it. In the field a star and ribboned hoop. Ground line. On the back inscribed ICHTHYS.A naked warrior frontal, with crested helmet and chlamys, a shield (dot rosette devive) and corselet beside him, holds a horse (forepart), standing behind him. Ground line.A naked warrior with dress at his back and a helmet, stoops with his sword over a kneeling naked woman. Short ground line. 'Iphigeneia or Polyxena offered in sacrifice'.A naked warrior with dress over one arm, a spear, his shield behind him. Ground line.A naked warrior with helmet and shield, holding a human head, his foot on a headless corpse; a helmet in the field. Ground line. Hatched border. On the back a figure of Nike, added in Roman times. Usually taken for Melanippos with the head of Tydeus.A naked warrior, legs crossed, dress over one arm, leans on his spear before a seated warrior, holding a sword point-down on his lap, dress round his waist, seated on a rock.A naked warrior, with helmet, shield and spear, pursues an Amazon on horseback; she holds an axe and has dropped her pelta. Short ground line.A naked woman crouching, hands to her hair. Ground line.A naked woman sitting back on a rock, being embraced by a second naked woman, and attacked by a bearded man. Ground line.A naked woman standing frontal, holding a large flighted arrow (?) point down.A naked woman wearing a cap, washing her foot in a basin. A bundle of dress beyond. Ground line.A naked woman, dress over legs, seated on rocks? holding a wreath and a sword?. A bull's head on the ground before her. Ground line.A naked young Dionysos holding a thyrsos, arm around Ariadne holding up her skirt. Ground line.A naked youth holding a pedum or branch behind his back, standing before a naked woman wearing a sakkos, seated on dress draped over one leg, on rocks, her hand extended towards him. On the rock beside her a tablet with curved top. [Venus and Anchises]A naked youth seated on dress on the ground, one knee raised supporting his arm, holding a helmet. Hatched border. 'Achilles'.A naked youth with a modius? headdress, frontal, holding a cup?; before him a lyre resting against a tree with a bird in it, behind him a tree with a bird, a woman's mask on the trunk; a hind suckling a child (Telephos?). Ground line.A naked youth, dress at his back, seated on a block. A woman naked but for some flying dress, stretches an arm to him (comforting the wounded?) and looks away. Aphrodite and Adonis?A naked youth, hand at back, leaning on a pillar, holding a spear; his dog before him. Inscribed KOIMOU. Ground line.A Nereid, half-naked with dress flying over her head, seated on the foreparts of two dolphins facing in opposite directions, holding the bridle of a hippocamp. In the background, a spear. Said by the Duke to be by Natter.A nondescript animal (marmoset ?), with bearded face and long bushy tail. Ground line.A pantheress with head turned back and forepaw raised. Ground line.A peacock on a BASKET, a bird on a cornucopia, a cock between. Ground line.A peacock standing on a bull's head; a cornucopia and poppy heads.A plump woman holding up a dish, before an alatr decorated with a flower, with a bearded figure (Priapus?) standing on it holding a long branch with leaves. Behind the woman a smaller woman holding a covered dish or liknon; at the other side a woman seated on a low bench, her foot on a footstool, playing double pipes. Behind, a tree with two discs (cymbals?) hanging in it. Ground line.A poodle or lapdog. Ground line.A poulterer in short dress carrying on a stick over his shoulder a hare and a cock. Short ground line.A quail as if fighting.A ram walking. Ground line.A reclining river god with an urn; feet missing.A recumbent lion.A representation of Priapus worship.A running figure in long, girt dress, holding a pipe?, a dog before her (on a lead?). Ground line.A satyr (?) with a skin over his back, one foot raised on a block, holds a syrinx before a child balanced on his knee. Thick ground line.A satyr (no tail, pointed ear, wreathed with grapes) walking holding bunches of grapes, one arm held up over his mouth. Ground line.A satyr embraces a naked maenad on his lap who raises her hand; he is seated on rocks covered by a feline skin (leg and paw). Before them a young Pan, on a raised ground line, plays pipes, and a Priapic herm to which a pipe is tied; a pedum on rocks on the ground. Inscribed ALLIONOS.A satyr pursues a dressed nymph who looks round at him, lifting her skirt. Ground line.A satyr seated on rocks, hand to chin, clasping his knee, a thyrsos behind. Before him a tree-trunk trophy with helmet, corselet, shield and sword, a torch and pedum at its foot? Ground line.A satyr sitting on a panther skin, playing double pipes, beside a naked maenad, her back turned, hand raised; at the other side a skipping child (Eros?) with a thyrsos. Pelleted border.A scorpion.A seated dressed woman with short hair extending one hand making the 'horns' gesture or balancing an astragal.A seated horned griffin, forepaw raised.A seated sphinx with forepaw raised. Ground line.A siren, naked above the waist, holding a jug, and a platter of fruit on her head. Short ground line.A small bearded man with dress around his legs, seated on rocks, plays a lyre; a larger standing young satyr stands behind him playing pipes; behind him a vine. At the other side a figure in short dress leads a dog?, watched by an infant who has climbed a tree. Ground line.A sow walking. Ground line.A spider in its web.A stooping Silenos in a loin cloth holding a thyrsos; before him a boy holding a purse (?) pours from a jug on the ground before the Silenos or over his crossed feet. Ground line. Hatched border.A tall winged male, one hand before his face, the other apparently holding back a smaller naked male behind him. Before the main figure a bearded naked man seated on a pillar is hammering at a helmet? on a wreathed anvil. Ground line. The style is late Hellenistic but the subject obscure. The main figure should be Eros; the hammerer perhaps Hephaistos fashioning armour; the third figure an unknown, reduced Eros?.A three-quarter bearded head.A triumphal procession approaching and passing through a gateway on which is a trophy and two horses. At the back, an emperor in a four-horse chariot, with Nike holidng a plam branch behind him. Beside the chariot two men. A soldier leads the horses; then four dressed men, two holding torches, and emerging from the gate four soldiers. Ground line, beneath which is inscribed TRYPHON EPOIEI.A turret-crowned woman with a sceptre rides a lion (Libya or Kyrene?). A Dioskouros at each side, capped, star over head, one with shield and spear, the other with spear, sword and cloak. Ground line. Inscribed above OURANIA ERA; below, AMMONIOSANETHEKE EPAGATHO: 'Heavenly Hera; Ammonios dedicated, for good (fortune)'.A warrior holding his spear upright and extending his hand to a woman who approaches with a hand raised; trees at either side. Ground line below which inscribed L.S. - Louis Siries.A warrior naked, with helmet, shield and spear, resting on rocks. 'Ajax' (with reference to his shipwreck), 'Mars'. A Stosch paste copy in Berlin (F 9477).A warrior wearing pilos helmet, shield and loose cloak, holds by the hair an Amazon, collapsing on to her shield. She wears a short chiton with cross straps. Beyond, her leaping harnessed horse. Ground line.A warrior with helmet, shield and spear, sacrifices to Athena over a burning altar; she holds an owl on a wreath, a spear and shield, a rearing snake before her. Ground line.A warrior with helmet, spear and shield looks round to a mounted helmetless warrior with a spear, on horseback. Ground line.A wingless Nike, dress around her body, sacrificing a bull. Ground line.A woman frontal, holding a sceptre and a bell? Short ground line.A woman, dress around her legs, carrying a dish and a small cup?A woman, her hand on the shoulder of a girl who leads her, carrying a torch and jug. Ground line.A young Psyche leads Eros, looking back at him. Both have loose dress at shoulder or back, and he has bow and quiver at his waist. She holds a thyrsos. Ground line.A young satyr seated on a panther skin pours from a wine skin into a kantharos, before a priapic herm holding a stick, on a column with fluted upper part, against which leans a thyrsos, and a volute crater with decorated lid, shoulder and belly. His pedum on the ground line.A young seated satyr? seated on a draped altar? with ram's head attached, plays a pipe for a small Eros who runs to him. An old naked satyr plays another pipe. In the background a bearded horned herm.A young wreathed satyr seated on an animal skin, his chin in his hand, two pipes beside him. At the edge inscribed ? NICOLAC. Ground line.A young wreathed satyr seated on an animal skin, his chin on his hand, two pipes beside him. At the edge inscribed NICOΛAC. Ground line. Copies of 633.A youth has dress behind him and holds a staff upright. The woman is seated on a basis. A version of Marlborough 650 by Natter.A youth in a chlamys standing beside a horse with one arm over its back. Hatched border.A youth seated on a chair, dress round his legs, holding a crooked stick. Ground line.A youth seated on a stool with cloth over it, dress round his waist, holding out a kantharos. The facing head of a panther before his knee. Ground line. Hatched border.A youth with dress around one arm, holding a spear. Short ground line.A youth with his chlamys over his arms is leaning on a tree on which which hangs a ribbon; the tree's roots are shown among rocks. He is looking down at a figure, not certainly a woman (short hair) bare to the waist, seated on the ground, supported on a conical shield. Behind is a rocky feature on which a bird stands, its head bent down.A. Cameo bust of Commodus. B. Magic intaglio (288). Abraxas with shield and whip. Inscribed ARDOU GENNAI ODEMENI BASILISKOS.A. Head of a lady. B. (intaglio) A portly lady standing, fully dressed. Before her a child raising his hand to the wreath she holds. Behind her two vertical instruments or symbols, and at her feet behind her a crouching animal(?).A. Hermes with petasos and winged caduceus, a cock before him, a tree behind. Ground line. B. ?An astrological medley?. A naked woman (Venus?), light dress around her body, holding up scales, her hand stretched down towards a Cupid who jumps up to her; to the left his bow and quiver. The symbols in the field are astrological?Libra, Venus, Sagittarius?, Capricorn?A: a frontal bust of Hercules, the lionskin knotted over his chest. B: profile head of young Hercules (rather than Omphale) wearing the lionskin.Above a segment of the world globe, Ares, in helmet and cloak, seated on a rock; Aphrodite fully dressed dancing and accompanied by Eros; Apollo playing his lyre; Zeus seated, back view, turning to look back at Artemis (?), naked upper part, holding up a bow, and Poseidon(?) as a seated naked male on a rock. Beside Zeus, his eagle.Aineias, in armour but bare-headed, carries his father Anchises, holding the box of relics, from Troy. He leads by the hand his son Askanios, in short dress, pointed cap and holding a lagobolon (?). Ground line.An Amazon supports the body of a dying companion, still holding her bow. The first has a helmet and short chiton, the latter dress over one leg. Beyond, a horse stands. The horse's legs and first Amazon's head are damaged. Ground line.An athlete stands frontal, naked, apparently pouring from an alabastron into his lowered hand - details have been polished away. Beside him a hydria stands on a table. Short ground line. Inscribed (details mainly polished away) GNAIOU.An Athlete; by Marchant.An eagle atanding on a wreathed altar, with rams' head attachments. A branch before it.An elderly woman, dressed, wearing a cap, seated on the ground, holding a distaff. Probably the Fate (Moira) Clotho.An elephant trampling on a large fish.An Eros with a whip on the back of a crouching bear, a tendril? behind him; another Eros, one foot in the bear's mouth, fights it off from the front with a torch. Ground line.An owl on a branch.Aphrodite frontal, hands holding dress to breast and at belly, 'like the Venus Medici'. Short ground line.Aphrodite in a shell-chariot drawn by a pair of doves which she guides with a stick; Eros behind with a torch. Wavy ground line.Aphrodite standing naked but for anklets, frontal, wringing her hair. At either side an Eros, one holding up cymbals, the other a small jug. Ground line.Apollo and heroes at Troy. Signed YDROU (Natter).Apollo Belvedere type, the left hand holding a scroll. Ground line.Apollo frontal, dress around legs, holding a kithara, beside a wreathed altar.Apollo with kithara, in long dress. Ground line. Surface heavily polishedApollo, wreathed, with cloak at back, walking on tiptoe playing the lyre. Ground line.Apollo? frontal, with crossed legs, one hand (holding fruit?) to his head or hair, leaning on a tree trunk on which is spread a chlamys which he holds behind him. Ground line.Ariadne deserted by Theseus. Theseus' fleet disappears; one boat with two oarsmen and decorated with two hippocamps; the other, decorated with scrolls, with three warriors with helmets and shields. Ariadne, in a dress which leaves one breast bare, stands on the shore raising a hand to them; a small dolphin in the sea before her, a tree behind and before her, with a small deer? feeding on one of them. Behind her comes young Bacchus, in a chariot drawn by two horned, goat-legged satyrs, while two others beyond play pipes and clash cymbals. The god is wreathed, with flowers at his waist, and holds bunches of grapes. His chariot is decorated with tendrils and crescents. A fish in the waves belowArtemis in short dress, quiver at shoulder, standing before rocks and leaning on a column, holding a downturned torch over a rocky altar. Inscribed in Greek APOLLONIOU.Artemis, fully dressed, with quiver at shoulder, leaning on a short column or placing something on it, a stag before it.Asklepios wearing himation and holding stick and snake, facing Hygieia wearing a peplos, holding a dish. Ground line.At the centre a bust herm behind a flaming altar. Around it four Erotes: at left one seated with a goat, at right one kneeling to attend to a large pot; beside the statue two others, one with tambourine, the other dressed, with a thyrsos?. Ground line.At the centre a quadriga pulling a small box-like shrine; Nike flies above, with a wreath. Around, the twelve signs of the Zodiac.Athena Promachos on tiptoe, with Corinthian helmet, raised spear and shield. A crescent behind her in the field. Short ground line.Athena with helmet, spear and long dress, an owl on her oval shield. Signed PICHLER.Athena with spear upright, Corinthian helmet and shield, standing in a small chariot drawn by two owls. Ground line.Bearded head, similar to the Dionysos of the last; dress at neck.Bellerophon riding Pegasos; below, the Chimaera.Bellerophon watering Pegasos at Hippokrene; a tree behind. Ground line. Inscribed ? OTIATOU, or the like, apparently a false copy of SOSTRATOU which appears on other versions.Below, a seated grieving woman, part-dressed; beyond, the forepart of a horse and a large Celtic shield, and in the background a figure in a short tunic with head thrown back (with a trumpet?).Bust of a Apollo? with long locks.Bust of a bearded man.Bust of a diademed youth.Bust of a dressed woman wearing a mitra cap.Bust of a helmeted warrior. 'Ares'.Bust of a lady.Bust of a man wearing a fillet.Bust of a man with cowl.Bust of a veiled lady supported by an acanthus.Bust of a warrior with aegis.Bust of a warrior, his helmet decorated with a crouching animal with grotesque head, his corselet and epaulette with grotesque heads.Bust of a woman in three-quarter back view, with cloak over dress.Bust of a woman wearing a fillet and a twisted necklace.Bust of a woman wearing a necklace.Bust of a woman wearing a soft cap. Cf. 246.Bust of a woman with loose hair below two thin hairbands, her breasts bared.Bust of a woman, hair tied in ribbons.Bust of a woman, hatched border to her dress, baring much of one breast.Bust of a woman, her dress slipping from her shoulder. Inscribed in Greek SAPH[O (probably modern); a lyre and a bee in the field.Bust of a woman, probably Clio, holding a scroll. Her hair is bound in a fillet, and at the neck.Bust of a woman.Bust of a woman. Inscribed in GreekBust of a wreathed woman with long ringlets. Taken to be an incunabulum of an Italian 15th-century engraver.Bust of a young Apollo, laurel-wreathed, holding a crook or pedum?Bust of a young man.Bust of a youth.Bust of a youthful Hermes with caduceus at shoulder.Bust of Abundantia with corn in her hair, holding a cornucopia of flowers and poppy heads, with corn stalks emerging.Bust of Alexander with Ammon horns.Bust of an Egyptian queen or Isis, wearing a vulture headdress, disc-and-horns crown, and a pectoral.Bust of Apollo, with hair band.Bust of Apollo, with laurel wreath and laurel? branch before the bust.Bust of Ariadne with vine wreath.Bust of Ariadne, ivy-crowned, wearing a nebris.Bust of Athena (?) wearing a corselet; a mask on her helmet with a feather crest; a grotesque head as epaulette.Bust of Athena (?) with a mask and vine on her helmet.Bust of Athena (?), wearing a scale corselet; Corinthian helmet decorated with a snake.Bust of Athena in an Attic helmet, with aegis and gorgoneion.Bust of Athena in Attic helmet, wearing aegis with Medusa head.Bust of Athena in Corinthian helmet, dress over shoulders.Bust of Athena to left.Bust of Athena to right.Bust of Ceres, with plaited hair, crowned with corn.Bust of Hermes, with caduceus? Hatched border.Bust of Julius Ceasar.Bust of laureate Apollo with long curly hair, laurel sprig in field.Bust of man with short curly hair, radiate crown and cloak, wearing an earring.Bust of Omphale.Bust of Philip II of Spain, attributed to Jacopo da Trezzo; on the back an eagle standing on a serpent in a rocky landscape, and the legend nihil est quod non tolleret qui perfecte diligit.Bust of Psyche, veiled, holding a butterfly.Bust of woman wearing a fillet, hair plaited and in a bun.Bust of Zeus with dress at the neck. A bevelled border cut in the upper layer.Canopic vase, the head with an atef crown over horns. On the vase body wings and ?Capricorn over a rudder.Cheiron is seated holding the young naked Achilles (dress at his back) standing before him, holding a lyre. Behind, a young satyr wearing an animal skin plays a pipe. Ground line. See also the next. The type is that of the Herculaneum painting; cf. LIMC Achilleus 50-62, including other gems.Comic mask and head of a satyr conjoined.Comic mask.Confronted heads of a boy and a woman.Confronted heads of Hermes with petasos and Herakles.Confronted heads of Zeus Serapis and Isis, holding a sistrum.Copy of the statue of the reclining Hermaphrodite on a bed, seen from above.Corseleted bust. Medusa head at chest and eagle-head hilt of sword in scabbard.Cupid with a prominent forelock, walking, holding a stalk of corn and a bow. Ground line.Danae seated on a stool lifting her dress up and away from her body, baring one breast and looking up towards Zeus' golden rain (not shown). Ground line.Dancing maenad with head thrown back, wearing a peplos and cloak over arms, flowing dress. Ground line.Diomedes, cloak over arm, escaping from Troy over a wreathed altar, holding a sword and the Palladion statue of Athena; greeted by Odysseus, dress over arm holding scabbard, pointing to the feet of a dead Trojan guard or priest whom he has slain, behind him a block. Between them a pillar bearing a three-quarter back statue of Poseidon, cloak over shoulder, holding a trident. Top right, the gate and walls of Troy. Ground line. Inscribed by the artist, on the altar Felix; with the name of the owner, Calpurnius Severus, above .Dionysiac procession. The god reclines on a low cart holding cup and jug, accompanied by satyrs; below it a reclining satyr with a jug and a lion. Beyond, a round temple and two trees. In front of the god a maenad with castanet, an Eros above her; a satyr drinking wine from a wineskin held by a Pan; a satyr with a bowl; a Pan pours into a bowl held by a satyr, over a collapsed satyr; to the right a satyr with a jug on his head, a maenad with a basket, Silenos holding a cup, supported by a satyr. At the right a satyr with double pipes, maenad with jug, a maenad with cymbals, and two small figures, one with pipe, the other with rattle (?), riding one of the oxen drawing the cart; at the edge a man and woman. 33 figures in all.Disc-crowned Horus seated on a lotus on a boat, holding a flail; worshipped by a disc-crowned ape; a crowned hawk at stern and prow; sun and moon (star and disc) above.Double portrait (facing): Balbinus and PupienusDouble portrait (profile left): Emperor and empress (?).Heads of a laureate emperor and empress.Double portrait (profile left): Germanicus; Agrippina. Conjoined heads of 'Germanicus' and 'Agrippina'.Double portrait (profile right - intaglio): Augustus; Livia. Double portrait (profile left - cameo): Busts of laureate Augustus and Livia; also on the reverse in intaglio, 'incased'.Double portrait (profile right): Alfonso II d’Este andLucretia de’ Medici (Scarisbrick). Busts of Omphale, wearing the lionskin and exposing one breast, and Herakles. Possibly Ptolemaic portraits.Double portrait (profile right): man and woman, uncertain. Bust portraits of a wreathed man and a woman.Double portrait (profile right): Marcus Aurelius; Faustina the Elder. Busts of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina.Dressed male and female busts confronted.Dressed winged woman holding out the neck of her dress and her skirt: Nemesis; a prostrate man at her feet.Eos, dress flying, in a galloping biga. The near front leg of the near horse, its muzzle, and the near chariot wheel are damaged.Eos, dress flying, in a galloping biga. The near front leg of the near horse, its muzzle, and the near chariot wheel are damaged. As 272, the cutting more robust.Eros asleep on rocks, a butterfly (Psyche) beside him.Eros driving a biga over a palm branch.Eros holding a trident riding a hippocamp over waves.Eros holding a whip, in a boat drawn by two dolphins; waves.Eros riding a sea panther.Eros seated caressing a swan.Eros seated on the ground playing the lyre.Eros standing, singeing a butterfly's wings. Short ground line.Eros with his foot caught in a trap.Eros, with braided hair, carrying a large horn with a ribbon around it. Inscribed in Greek AYΛOY. Ground line.Eros? shouldering a thyrsos with ribbons, riding a spotted panther. Ground line.Europa with flying dress riding the Bull, astride, holding a horn; waves below.Facing African head.Facing bust of a man, dressed.Facing head of a dog (Sirius), with curving rays. Inscribed on the collar GAIOS EPOIEI.Facing head of Eros, with plaited hair.Facing lion's head.Facing mask of bald bearded man with floral fillet.Facing mask of Silenos, vine-wreathed.Facing mask, features only.Facing naked youthful Herakles holding his club, the lionskin around his arm. Short ground line.Facing portraits (profile right and left). Julian and Helena (Bernoulli), Commodus and Crispina (King), Marcus Aurelius and Faustina (Story-Maskelyne), Claudian period (Furtwängler). The confronted busts of Jupiter-Ammon (oak wreath and curled horns) in armour, and Juno-Isis (oak wreath with fruit; fringed dress fastened with nodus Isiacus). The lower shoulder of the male is missing.Facing portraits (profile right): Augustus (?). Portrait (profile left): Livia. Bust of Livia, laureate, one shoulder bared, with a bust of laurel-crowned Augustus or Drusus.Fides, standing, with ears of corn and a full patera; an ant holding an ear of corn beside her. Short ground line.Forepart of Pegasos.Fortuna frontal, holding cornucopia, wheat ears and rudder. Short ground line.Four bulls, one lying down. Ground line.Four Erotes arranged in a ring. Three are playing musical instruments: pipes, lyre, syrinx; the fourth dances with hands clasped.Four-winged scarab.Fragment from a Dionysiac procession. Back view of a satyr pulling something with a cord in both hands; beyond him a Silenos holding a thyrsos(?) seated on a cart (?)and in front, a maenad in loose dress playing cymbals.Fragment. A flying Eros holding a parasol, another seated with a lyre, a third holding an ivy-leaf fan.Fragment. A young satyr skipping, one arm outstretched, the other on the shoulder of Silenos, before and below him, who seems to be pulling something; a thyrsos behind the figures perhaps in the hands of a third missing figure.Fragment: head of Medusa in profile, wings in hair.Front view of a temple, four columns at each side in proper perspective, a vaulted roof with a disc finial, four steps in front. At the back, on a base, a figure of Hermes with winged sandals and petasos, holding a caduceus.Front: Herakles strangling the lion, standing on his club. Back: Magic. Inscribed.Front: Mithras slaughtering a bull. In the top corners a radiate head and a woman?s head with crescent (Sol and Luna); an altar at either side, one with an eagle over it; a snake, a scorpion, and dog below. Back: Abraxas, IAΩ on a shield, a whip in his hand. An unusual combination of the Mithraic and magic.Frontal Bacchic mask with vine wreath.Frontal bearded head of Dionysos.Frontal bearded mask.Frontal bust of a maenad (?) wearing a wreath of vine leaves and grapes, lappets over the shoulders.Frontal bust of a negress.Frontal bust of a woman with bared breasts.Frontal bust of Demeter, veiled.Frontal bust of Zeus Serapis.Frontal comic mask.Frontal Cybele enthroned on her four-lion chariot. Ground line.Frontal head of Medusa, wings in hair.Frontal head of Medusa.Frontal head of Pan with open mouth, vine-wreathed.Frontal head of young ivy-wreathed Dionysos with dress pinned at the shoulders and a thyrsos behind.Frontal head of Zeus Serapis.Frontal head wearing a coronet with fleurs-de-lis. Story-Maskelyne - probably the signet of Charles V of France described in the inventory of his jewels (1379), and showing his head.Frontal mask of a grotesque bearded face ('Davus or slave').Frontal mask of an anguished old man.Frontal mask of an ivy-crowned satyr.Frontal Medusa head with wings and snakes in hair and at neck.Frontal radiate figure (Sol?), naked but for dress at neck, holding a phiale and whip. Short ground line.Frontal Silenos head.Full-face head of Laocoon. 'Engraved by Sirletti, according to Mariette'.Ganymede seated on rocks, his dress around his legs, feeding the eagle from a bowl; a tree behind it. Ground line.Grotesque bearded head (gryllus?) with hair treated rather like a wing.Grotesque facing head with open mouth and ivy wreath, perhaps horns.Gryllus of peacock, ram's horns, elephant's head and trunk, bald male head. Ground line. Inscribed NICE.T.P.S.A.Gryllus. Bearded head, bird's wing and leg?, elephant's head.Gryllus. Bearded head, ram's head, head neck and legs of swan holding a sprig.Gryllus. Heads of a goat, harnessed horse, BOAR.Gryllus. Horse's head and neck, bearded head, a cock.Harpocrates standing, finger to mouth, wearing a minute double crown, dress at back and over left arm, holding a cornucopia and leaning on a column.Head and three-quarter back bust of a bearded god, with hair band, cloak over shoulder.Head of a bearded man.Head of a man with a light beard.Head of a man, as Hermes - a winged caduceus behind the head, a tortoise in the field.Head of a man, perhaps with Ammon horns, so Zeus.Head of a man.Head of a man. Inscribed SKYLAKO.Head of a satyr wearing a vine wreath, animal skin at his neck.Head of a woman wearing a hairband, her hair dressed along her crown.Head of a woman wearing a tiara.Head of a woman with loose ringlets.Head of a woman with tiara.Head of a woman, her hair bound.Head of a woman, her hair dressed high.Head of a woman.Head of a youth (Apollo?) wearing a fillet; long hair.Head of a youth in a crestless helmet.Head of a youth wearing a fillet.Head of a youth, a flower in his hair.Head of Alexander with Ammon horns.Head of Alexander with Ammon horns. Signed PICHLER.Head of an old man.Head of Aphrodite, lampadion hair.Head of Apollo with head band, long corkscrew curls.Head of Ariadne or a maenad wearing an ivy wreath.Head of Ariadne or a maenad, ivy crowned.Head of Ariadne or a maenad, ivy-wreathed.Head of Ariadne or maenad with ivy wreath and ringlets.Head of Artemis wearing a coronet, dress at the neck, her quiver at her shoulder.Head of Asklepios with dress at the neck. Before it his staff with snake.Head of Athena with Corinthian helmet.Head of Athena, a satyr mask on her helmet.Head of Augustus?Head of bearded man (Zeus?), dress at the neck.Head of Demeter, veiled, with a wreath of poppies.Head of Dionysos, bearded.Head of Drusus.Head of Eros facing, with plaited centre lock.Head of Faustina the younger?Head of Ganymede with a small eagle in the field. By Burch (signed).Head of Herakles (Lysippan).Head of Herakles.Head of Mark Antony.Head of Medusa in high relief.Head of Medusa in profile, wings and snakes in hair.Head of Omphale wearing the lionskin.Head of Philip II of Spain.Head of young Herakles wearing lionskin.Head of youthful Herakles, lionskin at neck.Head of Zeus Ammon.Head of Zeus Serapis.Head of Zeus with diadem.Head or mask of an old man.Head with long hair; Aphrodite or Apollo?Head. Gustavus Adolphus??in a setting of his time.Heads of a BOAR and a man conjoined. Inscribed in Greek THIE.Helmeted bust, the helmet with a face on the visor and a side plume.Helmeted corseleted bust. Inscribed 'in characters stained into the stone' around the head ANDREAS CARRAFA SANCTAE SERVERINAE COMES.Helmeted head of a bearded warrior in three-quarter front view, the edge of his shield decorated with a running horse.Helmeted head of a warrior with long hair. The helmet has raised cheekpieces, its crown is decorated with the figure of a young warrior with chlamys, holding a sword seizing a bearded dressed figure by the hair. Before him two griffins ('? drawing his chariot' - Story-Maskelyne). Below the atacker the head and shoulders of a dead figure, a sword and a griffin's head.Hephaistos' workshop. He is kneeling on a cut tree, naked but for a skin cap, with raised hammer. He holds an object (corselet?) with tongs on a low round anvil decorated with swags, while four naked youths also beat with hammers, and a bearded man with a skin cap also raises a hammer, while holding the object steady and working a foot-bellows? Below, implements - hammer, tongs. Above, a crescent within crescents. Ground line.Herakles bibax naked, walks holding a large club and a bowl. Short ground line. Inscribed ADMON. A poor copy in London, Dalton 673.Herakles holding his club supports a collapsing Amazon, dress round her legs, holding a pelta, her axe on the ground before her. Ground line.Herakles mingens.Herakles reclining on his lionskin, holding a hemispherical cup.Herakles seated on his lionskin, dress at his lap, resting his head and hand on a staff, looking down. Behind him his bow. Before him his club, a sphinx seated on a base within which is shown the head of a boar, and by his feet three apples (of the Hesperides). Ground line. The boar could be the Erymanthian but the hero had no dealings with a sphinx. Story-Maskelyne remarks that this copies an Orléans cornelian (Reinach, pl. 127.86; now St. Petersburg, Neverov 1982, nos. 86-7) inscribed with a reference to Herakles' resting from labour. On the latter he may be holding a sword, not a staff as here, as so in the Ajax pose - see the following and Marlborough 299.Herakles seated.Herakles shouldering his club, lionskin over shoulders and holding a large cup, walks with two small Erotes, one clinging to his leg, the other holding a paw of the lionskin. Ground line.Herakles wrestling with Antaios; Herakles with billowing cloak and lionskin, his club on the ground before him. Ground line.Herakles, holding club, lionskin and drawn bow, looks away from the main group of Venus, dress around her legs, one foot raised on rocks, greeting Ares, naked but for helmet, shield, spear and sword. Behind him is Athena with helmet, shield and aegis, holding a cup over a small altar before her. Behind her an owl on a column. The shields are decorated with swags and a flat boss. Ground line.Herakles, wearing lionskin and holding his club, unveils bare-breasted Alcestis to Admetus, to whom he is restoring her. Admetus has a chlamys wrapped around his outstretched arm, taking Alcestis by the wrist. Ground line. Engraved by Marchant.Hercules strangling the lion. Below them the lion?s cave and the heads of a lion (lioness?) and a cub(?) within it, a tree behind.Hermaphrodite reclining on dress, over rocks (?), a tree beyond. Behind, a hanging cloth and a big burning altar. At the left an Eros seated on a draped box (?), looking back at her, holding a syrinx. Ground line.Hermaphrodite seated on a base unveiling himself. Ground line.Hermaphrodite, standing frontal, unveiling. Short ground line.Hermes naked, with petasos, cloak, caduceus and winged sandals, presenting a purse to a dressed veiled woman, seated on a block, who seems to fall back from him, one hand raised in alarm or surprise. Ground line.Hermes standing frontal, wearing petasos and chlamys, holding the caduceus. Signed DIOSKOURIDOU. Short ground line.Hermes standing, winged, his cloak over his shoulders, holding a purse and a long winged caduceus. Beside him a cock, and a garlanded altar bearing a crab. Ground line.Hermes walking, tuning his lyre. his petasos and cloak at his back, with winged sandals. As on the cameo in Naples, Pannuti II, no. 132.Hermes, as the last. Ground line. Said in Tassie to be by Burch. Marlborough xv (n.), another copy once in the Marlborough collection.Hermes, wearing petasos and cloak, skipping, carrying before him the infant Dionysos and caduceus. Short ground line.Hermes, with winged petasos and holding purse and caduceus leans on a column. Before him a cock, behind him a scorpion. Ground line.Horatius Cocles defends the bridge. Horatius is on horseback (shield device a bearded head). Six followers with pickaxes, hammers, and spades, work behind him, and he is faced by warriors with shields (head devices), bow, spears, and swords, one falling, two others and a broken spear and helmet in the water. The bridge has five arches.Horatius defends the bridge. He raises his sword at the centre, a grotesque face on his shield, followed by four naked men who are breaking the bridge with pickaxes. He is faced by warriors with shields and swords, one of them fallen. There are two figures in the water. The bridge has four arches. Mars stands in the clouds above, spear raised.Horsemen with Persian caps and spears at either side of a frontal dressed woman with crescent headdress? Above, two snakes. At one side a small female figure, helmeted? Prostrate defeated figures beneath the horses. Beneath the ground line three bowls, and in the field above the horsemen two lamps?Hygieia seated on a low column, dress around neck and legs, holding a patera. Before her a low column with the snake wound round it, bearing a tripod. Ground line.Inscribed in Greek: EUTYCHI BERONIKE.Isis enthroned, wearing a crown, suckling Horus. Ground line. Engraved face.Isis standing, wearing uraeus headdress, high-girt, holding staff and ankh. Short ground line.Laocoon. The scheme is roughly as the Vatican marble group except that the children are shown as babies and there is a third below, trodden on by his father. Rocks and trees at the edge. 'Probably 17th-century, even by the hand of Fiamingo' (Story-Maskelyne).Laureate bust of Apollo.Laureate head of Apollo.Leander rises from the sea, accompanied by two dolphins; two heads of winds blowing behind; above an Eros flying with a torch. Hero, naked but for dress at one shoulder, leans forward from a balcony in a lighthouse greeting him.Leda standing, dress flying behind her, embracing the Swan by her side, standing on a rock. Ground line.Leda with dress around her legs, embracing the Swan, standing on a low tree by her side. Ground line.Leda, naked, seated on her dress and rocks, embracing the Swan. Initial P (Pichler?).Lion passant with paw on bull's head. Ground line.Lion passant.Magic Gem. Chnoubis inscribed CHNOUPHIS and around it inscribedMars frontal, fully armed, holding spear and shield with gorgoneion. Ground line. Inscribed MARS ULTOR.Mask of a satyr. Inscribed LOUKTEI.Meleager. A young man, dress over his arms and back, leans on a low stand on which is the hide of a BOAR. Short ground line.Melpomene (?), heavily belted; she holds a bearded mask; on the ground a shield with a head device, and a sword; behind her a Tuscan column with wreath. Ground line.Melpomene, heavily belted; she holds a sword? and a female mask; behind her, an Ionic column. Ground line.Methe, naked but for dress around her shoulders, drinking from a bowl. Ground line. Hatched border.Methe.Naked Diomedes kneels, leaping over a wreathed altar, dress over one shoulder, holding the Palladion in one hand, a sword in the other. Ground line. Cf. 341.Naked, crowned Apollo tuning his lyre, his cloak at his back, a tree beside him. The lyre box decorated with arcs and pellets. Thick ground line.Nike holds the reins of a standing biga, a bearded warrior beside her (helmet, spear) being crowned by a woman. Ground line, beneath which is inscribed in Greek ALPHEOS.Nike in a biga; the near horse cut in the black layer.Nike in a rising biga.Omphale standing, naked but for Hercules? lionskin and shouldering his club.Omphale, shouldering Herakles' club and wearing his lionskin.Pan gesticulates before a reclining old man, dress round his legs, his hand raised in surprise.Pan seated on a rock, thyrsos leaning on his shoulder, contemplating a comic mask. Ground line.Pan standing, holding a plate of fruit, holding his crook and an animal skin. Short ground line.Pasiphae entering the cow via a ladder set against its flank. Ground line.Perseus naked, frontal, holding up the head of Medusa. His dress is fastened at the neck and falling behind, and he holds his sword in his lowered hand. Ground rendered in relief.Perseus stands, dress at his back, holding his sickle-sword down, and the head of Medusa, with dress, behind his back. Short ground line.Perseus, naked with a cloak round his shoulders, winged sandals, holds up the head of Medusa which he views in a shield at his feet. A pillar behind. Ground line.Phaethon in his plunging quadriga. A recumbent river god below and Phaethon?s sisters.Portrait (frontal): Augustus. Frontal bust of Augustus.Portrait (frontal): Augustus. Frontal bust, probably of Augustus, the head veiled.Portrait (frontal): Augustus. Frontal laurel-wreathed bust of Augustus in tunic and toga.Portrait (frontal): Caracalla (?). Frontal bust of Caracalla. Signed PICHLER EPOIEI.Portrait (frontal): Caracalla (?). Frontal head of Caracalla with added bust wearing corselet and cloak.Portrait (frontal): Domitia. Frontal bust of Domitia, her dress held behind her head. The bust is supported by a bird (peacock?) indicating apotheosis.Portrait (frontal): Faustina the Elder. Facing bust of 'Faustina the elder', veiled.Portrait (frontal): Faustina the Elder. 'Frontal bust of Faustina the elder, her diadem adorned with real pearls'.Portrait (frontal): Julius Caesar. Frontal bust of laurel-wreathed man wearing tunic and cloak. 'Called Nerva but probably meant for Julius Caesar'.Portrait (frontal): Livia (?). Frontal bust of a woman, veiled. 'Livia'.Portrait (frontal): Three-quarter head of a bearded man wearing a crestless helmet; dress at his neck and the edge of a plain shield. Inscribed .M.RE. .LTI. (Marcus Atilius Regulus).Portrait (frontal): Vespasian. Three-quarter head of 'Vespasian'.Portrait (left): Agrippina the Elder. Copy of the seated Agrippina statue in the Villa Albani. Ground line. Signed by Pichler.Portrait (profile left): AeliusPortrait (profile left): Agrippa. Head of Agrippa wearing a rostral crown.Portrait (profile left): Agrippina the Younger (Arundel). Bust of Ariadne or a maenad, ivy-wreathed.Portrait (profile left): Agrippina the Younger. Agrippina the Younger as Ceres, veiled with ears of wheat as wreath. Inscribed ASPASIOU. 'Attributed by Bracci to Flavio Sirletti'. Cf. Nau, 58 for the copy by Natter: Tassie 1822 ('beryl supposed to be by Natter').Portrait (profile left): Alexander SeverusPortrait (profile left): Antinous. Antinous, facsimile of 753, by Burch.Portrait (profile left): Antinous. Bust of Antinous shouldering a spear. Inscribed ANTI[NOOS.Portrait (profile left): Antinous. Bust of Antinous with floral wreath. Signed MARCHANT F. ROME.Portrait (profile left): Antinous. Head of Antinous with name inscribed ANTINOOS.Portrait (profile left): Antinous. The head of Antinous. Copy of the head of the the Capitoline Antinous. Signed MARCHANT F.Portrait (profile left): Antoninus Pius. Bust of Antoninus PiusPortrait (profile left): Antoninus Pius. The bust of Antoninus PiusPortrait (profile left): Augustus (?). Head of a youth (Octavian?).Portrait (profile left): Augustus. AugustusPortrait (profile left): Augustus. Bust of Augustus, three-quarter back view, laurel-crowned, with spear and aegis with gorgoneion.Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Bust of Octavian (Augustus) as Hermes, the caduceus before him. Companion piece to 122.Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Head of Augustus, with radiate crown, moustached. An eagle on globe before him.Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Head of Augustus.Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Head of Augustus?Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Head of Octavian? Cf. 364 type.Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Head of young Augustus; lituus in field.Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Laureate head of Augustus ?Portrait (profile left): Augustus. Laureate head of emperor AugustusPortrait (profile left): Berenike II (?). Bust of a woman, wearing chiton and necklace; Berenike II? Inscribed NIKANDROS EPOEI, 'Nikandros made [me]'.Portrait (profile left): Brutus. Marcus Junius Brutus.Portrait (profile left): Brutus. Marcus Junius Brutus. The swords and fur cap (pileus) are symbols ofliberty and appear on coins of Brutus.Portrait (profile left): Brutus. The head of Marcus Junius Brutus.Portrait (profile left): Caligula. Laureate head of Caligula.Portrait (profile left): Caracalla (?). Laureate bust of a young man.Portrait (profile left): Caracalla.Portrait (profile left): Caracalla. Laureate bust of a young man. 'Young Caracalla'.Portrait (profile left): Caracalla. Laureate head of Caracalla.Portrait (profile left): ClaudiusPortrait (profile left): Claudius (?). Zeus, laureate, holding thunderbolt and spear, the aegis around his waist and lower arm, an eagle before him.Portrait (profile left): Claudius. Bust of Claudius? in armour with aegis, with oak wreath.Portrait (profile left): Cleopatra I Syra (?). Bust of Isis with dress at shoulders, wearing a crescent crown, with long ringlets.Portrait (profile left): CommodusPortrait (profile left): Domitian (?).Laureate head of Domitian?Portrait (profile left): Domitian. Laureate head of Domitian?Portrait (profile left): Domitian. Laureate head of the emperor Domitian?Portrait (profile left): Drusus(?). Head of a youth.Portrait (profile left): Elagabalus.Portrait (profile left): EmilianusPortrait (profile left): Emperor (?). Laureate head of a man.Portrait (profile left): Emperor (?).Laureate bearded head.Portrait (profile left): emperor, uncertain. Laureate portrait of a man as a Roman emperor in armour.Portrait (profile left): Emperor. Laureate bust.Portrait (profile left): Emperor. Laureate head.Portrait (profile left): Empress (?). Bust of a veiled laureate woman holding a sceptre.Portrait (profile left): Faustina (?); Caesonia (?). The bust of a woman.Portrait (profile left): Faustina the Elder. 'Faustina the elder'.Portrait (profile left): Faustina the Elder. Head of Faustina the Elder, with braided hair.Portrait (profile left): Faustina the Elder. The head of a woman, with beaded hair. Faustina the Elder.Portrait (profile left): Faustina the Younger. Bust of Faustina the Younger.Portrait (profile left): GalbaPortrait (profile left): Gordian II AfricanusPortrait (profile left): Gordian III PiusPortrait (profile left): Hadrian. Bust of Hadrian?Portrait (profile left): HostilianusPortrait (profile left): Julia Domna. Bust of Julia Domna.Portrait (profile left): Julia Mammaea (?). Bust of 'Julia Mammaea?'.Portrait (profile left): Julius Caesar. Laureate bust of Julius Caesar.Portrait (profile left): Julius Caesar. Laureate bust of Julius Caesar; lituus and a small star in the field.Portrait (profile left): Julius Caesar. Laureate head of Julius Caesar. Star in the field.Portrait (profile left): Julius Caesar. Laureate head of Julius Caesar; lituus and a star in the field.Portrait (profile left): Julius Caesar. With lituus and star in the fieldPortrait (profile left): Livia (?). Bust of a woman wearing a tiara, veiled. 'Livia in the character of Ceres'.Portrait (profile left): Lucius Verus. Laureate bust of Lucius Verus.Portrait (profile left): MacrinusPortrait (profile left): Maecenas (?). Head of 'Maecenas?'.Portrait (profile left): Maecenas. Head of 'Maecenas'.Portrait (profile left): man, uncertain. The portrait head of a man, the knot of the paludamentum at his neck.Portrait (profile left): Marcus Aurelius. Bust of the emperor Marcus Aurelius.Portrait (profile left): Marcus Didius Sev. JulianPortrait (profile left): Mary Queen of Scots.Portrait (profile left): MaximianusPortrait (profile left): Mithridates VI of Pontus (Vollenweider). Bust of a figure with long curly hair and an ivy wreath.Portrait (profile left): Nero. Laureate bust of young Nero.Portrait (profile left): Nero. Laureate head of Nero.Portrait (profile left): NervaPortrait (profile left): OthoPortrait (profile left): PertinaxPortrait (profile left): Pescennius NigerPortrait (profile left): Pescennius Niger. Head of Pescennius Niger.Portrait (profile left): Philip IPortrait (profile left): Philip II. 'On the collar .A.E.'.Portrait (profile left): Sabina (?). 'Head of Sabina or Marciana'.Portrait (profile left): Septimius SeverusPortrait (profile left): TiberiusPortrait (profile left): Tiberius (?) Head of Tiberius?Portrait (profile left): TrajanPortrait (profile left): Trajan DeciusPortrait (profile left): Valerian (?). Laureate head of Valerian?Portrait (profile left): ValerianusPortrait (profile left): VespasianPortrait (profile left): Vespasian (?). Laureate head of a man.Portrait (profile left): Vespasian. Laureate head of Vespasian.Portrait (profile left): VitelliusPortrait (profile left): woman, uncertain. Portrait head of a woman.Portrait (profile right ): Alathea Talbot. 'Portrait supposed to be of Lady Alathea Talbot, wife of Lord Arundel'.Portrait (profile right) Plato (?), (profile left) Socrates (?) Heads of two bearded men. The larger, wearing a loose fillet, is Dionysos, the other Silenos, with a pointed ear. Formerly 'Plato and Socrates'.Portrait (profile right): Antinous. Bust of Antinous.Portrait (profile right): Antinous. Head of Antinous.Portrait (profile right): Antoine Perronet, Cardinal de Granvelle, 1516-1586.Portrait (profile right): Antonia (?). Bust of a laureate woman, 'Antonia'.Portrait (profile right): Augustus. Laureate head of Augustus.Portrait (profile right): Augustus. Octavian wearing a mourning beard.Portrait (profile right): Augustus. Radiate head of Augustus.Portrait (profile right): Caligula.Portrait (profile right): Caligula. The head of Caligula with a mourning beard.Portrait (profile right): Caracalla. Laureate bust of Caracalla wearing a corslet.Portrait (profile right): Cardinal Mazarin.Portrait (profile right): Claudius. Bust of Claudius in armour, with oak wreath.Portrait (profile right): Claudius. Laureate bust of Claudius in armour, Medusa head at chest.Portrait (profile right): Domitian (?). Laureate head of Domitian?Portrait (profile right): Drusus. Laureate head of 'Drusus'.Portrait (profile right): Elagabalus (?). Radiate bust of Elagabalus? The back of the bezel has a cameo head of a young woman, in white on a blue enamel ground.Portrait (profile right): Emperor (?). Laureate bust of a man.Portrait (profile right): Emperor (?). Laureate head.Portrait (profile right): Faustina the Younger. Bust of Faustina the Younger (?)Portrait (profile right): Faustina the Younger. 'Faustina the Younger, crowned with ivy'. A maenad?Portrait (profile right): Galba (?). A laureate bust.Portrait (profile right): Galba. Laureate head of Galba.Portrait (profile right): Hadrian.Portrait (profile right): Hadrian. Head of Hadrian?Portrait (profile right): Hellenistic ruler. Bust of a warrior wearing a flat cap, with a corselet with Medusa head. The cap is of Macedonian type.Portrait (profile right): Henri IV of France.Portrait (profile right): Herm head of Socrates; rosette on base.Portrait (profile right): James II, laureate.Portrait (profile right): Julia Domna (?). Bust of a woman, resembling Julia Domna.Portrait (profile right): Julia Titi (?). Bust of a woman.Portrait (profile right): Julio-Claudian (?). Head of a youth.Portrait (profile right): Julius Caesar. Head of Julius Caesar or commemorative of William III. A star in the field.Portrait (profile right): Livia (?). Veiled bust of a woman. 'Livia'.Portrait (profile right): Livia (Arundel). Veiled bust of a woman.Portrait (profile right): Lucius VerusPortrait (profile right): Marcellus. Head of 'Marcellus'. By Nathaniel Marchant.Portrait (profile right): Marcus AureliusPortrait (profile right): Marcus Aurelius and Faustina the Younger (Arundel); Livia and Germanicus (King). Demeter seated holding a cornucopia. Before her Triptolemos offers her ears of wheat, leaning on a two-pronged implement. In the background an urn on a column. Ground line. King suggested an association with Livia and Germanicus.Portrait (profile right): Maximian (?). Wreathed bearded head of Herakles? (Story-Maskelyne - portrait of Maximian?).Portrait (profile right): NeroPortrait (profile right): Nero. Laureate head of Nero.Portrait (profile right): Octavia. Bust of a woman, dress falling from one shoulder, a spear upright before her. Generally now taken as a portrait of Octavia as Artemis; attributed to Solon by Vollenweider.Portrait (profile right): Oliver Cromwell. Laureate head of the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.Portrait (profile right): Sabina. Bust of Sabina. Signed BURCH.Portrait (profile right): Sabina. Head of Sabina.Portrait (profile right): Septimius AlbinusPortrait (profile right): Socrates (?). Head of a bearded man, dress at neck. 'Socrates'.Portrait (profile right): TitusPortrait (profile right): Titus. Laureate head of Titus (?)Portrait (profile right): Trajan. Laureate head of Trajan.Portrait (profile right): uncertain. Laureate head.Portrait (profile right): Vespasian (?). 'Head of Galba or Vespasian'.Portrait (profile right): Vespasian. Laureate head of VespasianPortrait (profile right): Vespasian. Laureate head of Vespasian.Portrait (profile right): woman, uncertain. Bust portrait of a woman wearing a tiara.Portrait (profile right): woman, uncertain. Portrait bust of a woman.Portrait (right): Agrippina the Elder. Laureate bust of Agrippina the Elder.Portrait 'Bust of Elagabalus'.Portrait of Diana de Poitiers as Diana, a quiver behind her. At the back (Marlborough 132), Venus with dress over her shoulders holding a torch; behind her Cupid raising his arms to her and a tree; before her his quiver and bow. Ground line.Portrait: Nero. 'Head of Nero'.Portraits (frontal): Caracalla, Plautilla, Septimius Severus, Julia Domna (Zwierlein-Diehl). A bearded warrior with a spear, frontal, between two veiled women; at the right a trophy, at the left an armed youth sacrificing at an altar. Ground line.Poseidon standing on the prow of a ship holding a dolphin and trident. Ground line; inscribed below, CL.SVP.Poseidon standing with trident, holding a dolphin, one foot on rocks, beside which another dolphin. Ground line.Poseidon with trident, his foot on a rock on which stands a jug.Priam kneels before Achilles seated on a block, his shield beside it; he wears a corselet and helmet and holds a spear; beyond are two armed warriors, one with shield and spear. Ground line.Priapus, hooded, lifting his long dress at front to reveal his genitals, leaning on a thyrsos. Hatched border. Italic?Procession with Silenos. He is seated, holding a cup, collapsing, on a donkey, being supported by a satyr who is stepping on a pot on the ground, a thyrsos beyond him. Behind, a satyr dancing, holding a torch?; beyond the horse a horned satyr holds out a wreath for Silenos and a wreathed horn or cornucopia. Ground line.Profile heads of Zeus laureate and Hera.Radiate dressed Helios drives a quadriga; trident above. Short ground line.Radiate Jupiter-Serapis enthroned between Isis holding a sistrum, and Minerva holding a Victory who crowns her, within a summary zodiac disc which is carried by a kneeling Atlas.Sacrifice to Jupiter by Bacchus, Pan, Apollo and two women.Sacrifice. A bearded man, dress around his legs, carrying a liknon on his head, leading a goat. Before him a woman holding a cup stoops over a low altar; behind her a satyr plays pipes. Ground line.Seated Horus as a baby, hand to mouth, holding a cornucopia.Selene. Three-quarter back view of head and shoulders, with dress. Crescent in the field.Silenos and goat head conjoined.St Michael as a winged warrior, holding scales and striking down with his spear at Lucifer, naked, winged, with horns and a tail, holding a two-pronged fork.Standing Artemis, wearing a peplos, holding a bow and an arrow. A column behind her. Short ground line.Standing naked Dionysos with legs crossed holding a thyrsos and dress behind his body.The bust of a lady with a hair band and droplet earring.The bust of a man.The bust of a woman.The bust of a wreathed lady, much undercut.The bust of Athena wearing a helmet with a bearded head decorating the forepart, and an aegis with winged Medusa head.The centaur Cheiron, animal skin over his shoulders, holds Achilles who stands with a lyre; a tree behind. Ground line.The death of Meleager. '27 figures'. He is collapsing at the right, below him an Eros with bow (?), at the right a figure before a cave with a boar in it, two dogs above. Beside and behind him eight figures and a child, including one prominent naked woman leaning towards him. Above, rocks, containing two figures and a bird. At the left a seated male, with a quiver (?), crowned by Eros, above two naked women reclining on rocks conversing, before a tree, beside which are two dogs.The discobolus as the statue in Rome, rather elongated. Ground line.The discobolus, as the statue in Rome. Ground line.The emperor Pescennius Niger in armour but with no helmet, standing behind a small rock, behind which is a tree, a bow at his feet, extends a hand to two soldiers, one helmeted, holding out branches; above, cymbals, a bearded mask, a bell, and a disc are suspended. Ground line.The facing head of a youth, inscribed in Greek AELIOS.The forepart of a horse whose chest is formed as a man's head, ridden by an Eros with a whip. The horse's rear is a ram's head, holding an ear of corn. The horse's foreleg is like a plough on which stands a hare jumping up to something in the horse's mouth; a snake beneath it. Below is an eagle tearing a hare.The frontal bust of a woman; an animal skin (?) at the shoulder so perhaps a maenad.The goddesses at the Judgement of Paris, naked but holding dress and posed as the three Graces. Aphrodite at the centre is being crowned by a small Eros. Ground line.The head of a man, his cheeks carefully modelled to give a ?drawn? appearance.The head of a man.The head of a woman, wearing a droplet earring, with bands in the hair; the relief much undercut.The head of a youth or woman confronting a bearded head.The head of a youth with long ringlets wearing a Phrygian cap, its side flaps tucked under the folded crown.The head of St Susanna.The heads of a bearded man, a negroid head with collared dress, and a woman (?).(The three Kings (of Cologne) representing Africa, Europe, Asia?).The upper part of three warriors advancing, all helmeted; one with shield device of a griffin attacking a deer; one with a head on the corselet; one with a linen corselet and shield. 'The Horatii', but the middle one may be wounded, perhaps Aineias (see Würzburg for discussion).The Virgin Mary standing over a winged angel head with four similar heads at either side of her, the lower two in profile.The wedding of Eros and Psyche. Inscribed TRYPHON EPOIEI.The Zeus eagle lifting Ganymede who holds an arrow. Inscribed KOIMOU (a signature of Natter).Theseus stands with his club beside a tower, in the arched door of which is the dead Minotaur.Thetis, dress over head and around legs, riding on a Triton carrying a shield for her son; waves.Three conjoined bearded heads.Three eagles, two standing on altars, the centre one on a crater. Poppies at one side.Three Erotes play with three dolphins.Three heads, one bearded, with rams' horns, two youthful (one laureate). Possibly Zeus, Artemis and Apollo. Ground line.Three women (one raising a dish) and three men holding up dishes beneath a tree with an awning? held by two wingless erotes. In the foreground three men crouch over a pot? At one side Pan accompanied by a child holding up a dish?.Three-quarter back bust of Ariadne or a maenad, ivy-wreathed, dressed in an animal skin, a cloven foot and leg knotted at her shoulder.Three-quarter bearded bust, with corselet below cloak.Three-quarter bust of a bearded man wearing a crestless helmet.Three-quarter bust of a bearded man.Three-quarter bust of a young man as Hermes, winged caduceus on shoulder.Three-quarter bust of a young satyr wearing a vine wreath.Three-quarter bust of Diana, with bow and quiver at shoulder.Three-quarter comic mask. Story-Maskelyne alleges that it is inscribed KVINTIL .Three-quarter face and bust of a negress, a snake on her bared breast.Three-quarter head of Herakles? with a long central forelock.Three-quarter head of Medusa, wings and snakes in hair and at neck, a winged caduceus before her.Three-quarter head of Medusa, wings in hair, snakes at chin.Three-quarter head of Medusa.Three-quarter head of Zeus.Three-quarter length African.Tragic and comic masks conjoined. A hooked stick below.Triple portrait (profile left): Augustus, Marcus Antonius, Lepidus. Triumvirat: Marcus Antonius, Lepidus and Augustus. With jug and lituus in the field.Turreted head of a city-goddess, with back veil.Two children rolling wheels. Ground line.Two dogs wearing comic masks. Ground line.Two Erotes are busy with the sails on a ship with a swan prow; waves indicated. The ship looks like an Egyptian reed boat.Two Erotes erecting a trophy with helmet and corselet on a base. Ground line.Two Erotes struggle over a palm branch; a tree and bearded herm to the right.Two female masks and two comic. Inscribed HELENA.Two harnessed horses, one drinking from a tub. Ground line.Two horned sheep, one grazing. Ground line.Two horses at a stall.Two naked males seated on a draped block at the left, the beardless one holding a staff; Aphrodite frontal, dress loosely around her, holding a baby Eros who seems to run away; a youth with a kithara stands beside Pan with pipes seated on a draped block at the right. Ground line. Nonsense inscriptionsTwo satyrs, one young, one old, support a drunken Silenos (head missing) his dress around him, collapsing on to rocks. A tree beyond.Two-sided. Head of Isis wearing the vulture crown (the head not shown) and pectoral. On the reverse a temple facade with winged disc below points in the pediment; two prostyle lotus columns, disc with uraei on the lintel, a facing Hathor head with pectoral, on a beaded base in the doorway in a border of discs and lines, threshold of rosettes and lines.Veiled bust of a woman.Veiled female bust; the Virgin Mary.Venus Victrix. Naked but for dress around the legs, leaning on a pillar, holding a spear and helmet, with a shield before her, a dove on it. Behind her a jug with three ears of corn in it. Ground line.Vine-wreathed mask.Weary Herakles seated on his lionskin, on rocks, head on hand holding a sword point-down on his thigh (as if an Ajax). His club on rocks before him. Ground line.Wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Hephaistos, standing, in short dress, handing a sword and a shield (with cross-hatched brim) to Peleus, seated with dress round his waist on a backless throne. Beyond is Thetis, standing veiled. Inscribed in Greek on Peleus' low footrest ADMON.Winged Nike standing, fully dressed, on tiptoe, pouring from a jug into a patera, beside a wreathed altar. Ground line. Signed MARCHANT.F. Ground line. By Marchant, copied from a relief in London, British Museum.Winged Nike, wearing a peplos, pours from an oinochoe into a bowl. Ground line.Wingless Eros running holding a thyrsos and a large bearded mask over his head. Ground line.Wreathed Bonus Eventus with ears of corn and grapes. Animal skin at back. Short ground line. Cut style.Young Dionysos standing naked, frontal, holding a long thyrsos and a kantharos. Ground line. Tassie 4283 is a cornelian copy by Burch (Seidmann 1997, 268, fig. 8) of this stone, and said have been in the Marlborough Collection.Young Herakles leaning on a pillar of rock against which his club rests, his right hand on his left shoulder, lionskin around his neck. Inscribed ERAK. Said to be by Burch.Youthful head conjoined with two Silenos masks which, crested, look like a helmet.Zeus enthroned, with footstool, in three-quarter view, holding a thunderbolt and sceptre. A heavily veiled woman (Hera?) stands before him on a base.Zeus seated frontally with a sceptre, his eagle before him, dress at his waist; to one side a fully armed Ares standing, to the other a figure, dressed with bare torso, holding a crossed stick. The ground line becomes a semicircle below Zeus, supported by the upper part of a man holding a trident (as if Atlas) over rocky ground or waves. Surrounded by the signs of the Zodiac.Zeus Serapis enthroned frontally, holding a sceptre, his eagle on the ground. Ground line.Zeus standing frontally, naked but for a cloak over his shoulder, holding spear and thunderbolt; his eagle at his feet. Short ground line.Zeus, with thunderbolt and spear, in a quadriga riding over two snake-legged giants, one armed with a club; ground beneath the chariot wheels.

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