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Casts showing zeus

Cast No. D090
Zeus seated, Corcyra (personification of the city), and Athena (personifying Athens).
Cast No. A013
Council of the gods during the Trojan War. From left to right: Ares, Aphrodite or Eos (?), Artemis, Apollo, Zeus, Athena, Hera, Demeter or Thetis.
Cast No. D113
Archaistic altar with figures of twelve gods - Zeus, Hera, Athena, Herakles, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hephaistos, Poseidon, Hermes, Hestia.
Cast No. B072a
Zeus, with left arm outstretched, and arm drawn back to throw an object now missing, probably a thunderbolt. Some believe the figure to be that of Poseidon, with a (missing) trident.
Cast No. A049
Head of Hippodameia.
Cast No. A061a
Head of a Centaur, attacking a Lapith woman who grasps his beard and ear in defence.
See A061b for full composition.
Cast No. F093
Statuette of Zeus.
Cast No. A064
Head of a Lapith youth.
A boss of stone has been roughly removed from the hair on the forehead. Cf A045.
Cast No. A054
Lapith man on his knees. He lunges forward to pull an attacking Centaur away from a Lapith woman.
Cast No. C049
Zeus, with left hand on hip, and right hand holding a spear.
Cast No. A069
Atlas brings the apples of the Hesperides to Herakles who, with Athena, is supporting the heavens.
Cast No. A051b
Reclining man, possibly the river-god Kladeos.
A051a is a copy of the head only.
Cast No. A057
Head of Deidameia; the bride of Peirithoos.
Cast No. A012
Apollo, supported by Artemis, resists Herakles' attempt to seize the Delphic tripod from him. Zeus stands at the centre restraining them.
Cast No. A063
Head of a Centaur biting the forearm of a Lapith youth who grabs/holds him round the neck; at the wedding feast of Peirithoos.
Cast No. A060b
Theseus. The upper part of the body does not survive.
For the head of this statue see A060a .
Cast No. A046
Boy kneeling, holding the reins of a chariot (?)
Cast No. A066
Herakles rests on the dead Nemean Lion, with Athena and Hermes (now missing) looking on.
Cast No. D095
At the top Zeus and, below on two levels, Mnemosyne with the nine Muses, and Apollo, to the left under the archway. At the bottom, Homer receives a sacrifice from a group of literary personifications: Myth, History, Poetry, Tragedy, Comedy. At the middle right, a statue of a victorious poet.
Cast No. A086e
Hera and Zeus seated.
The standing figure to the left may be Nike but is more likely Iris.
Cast No. C048
A hero or god, probably Zeus. He may have held a sword, and scabbard or shield.
Cast No. B086a
Nike. The inscription on the base reads:
The Messenians and Naupactians dedicated this to Olympian Zeus, a tithe from the spoils of war. Paionios of Mende made this, and was victor (in the competition) to make the akroteria for the temple.
For the head of Nike see B086b. For a possible later version of the head see C091.
Cast No. A045
Turbaned head of a man; the boss of stone on the forehead may be connected with the technique of copying a model or with the handling and manoeuvring of the finished sculpture (cf A064 where a similar boss has been removed)
Cast No. A047
Helmeted head of Pelops.
Cast No. A061b
Centaur attacking a Lapith woman at the wedding feast of Peirithoos.
For the head alone see A061a.
Cast No. A050
Head of a balding, older man, possibly the seer Iamos.
Cast No. A059
Apollo observes the battle between Lapiths and Centaurs at the wedding of Peirithoos. His head is turned to the right and his gaze follws his outstretched right arm. A bow was added separately in his left hand.
Cast No. A051a
Head of one of the corner figures, possibly the river-god Kladeos.
For the whole figure see A051b.
Cast No. A060a
Head of Theseus.
For the lower half of this statue see A060b.
Cast No. A070
Herakles cleans the Augean Stables under the direction of Athena.
Cast No. D094
Base showing Athena, Hephaistos, Hermes and Zeus.
Cast No. A067
Herakles hands the dead Stymphalian birds to Athena.
Cast No. A048
Head of Oinomaos.
Cast No. A058
Head of the Centaur Eurytion, who is attacking a senior bride at the wedding feast of Peirithoos.
Cast No. A056
Head of a Lapith woman. She is being attacked by a Centaur whose hand grasps her hair.

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