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Casts showing marsyas

Cast No. C073
Head of Athena (copy of Myron's group of Athena and Marsyas).
See also C071.
Cast No. C222
Torso of Marsyas.
Cast No. C071
Athena wearing a helmet, but no aigis. Probably once holding a spear in her right hand, and with pipes on the ground to her left.
See also C072 and C073.
Cast No. C072
The Satyr Marsyas.
See also C071 and C073..
Cast No. B128
Possibly the torso of Ajax, contemplating suicide. Herakles or Marsyas have also been suggested.
Cast No. D092
The satyr Marsyas plays the pipes for Apollo, whom he had challenged to a musical contest. Between them stands a Scythian who will flay Marsyas when he is (inevitably) defeated, for daring to challenge a god.

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