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Casts showing hermes

Cast No. C140
A young Hermes resting, seated on a rock. He wears winged sandals.
Cast No. D113
Archaistic altar with figures of twelve gods - Zeus, Hera, Athena, Herakles, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hephaistos, Poseidon, Hermes, Hestia.
Cast No. D086
At the top are Acheloos (a river-god), Hermes, three nymphs, and Pan. Below, a hero leading a horse approaches Demeter and Persephone.
Cast No. C136
Hermes (or an athlete), with right foot resting on a rock so that he can adjust his sandal. He looks up while bending over his raised right knee. His left sandal is on the ground in front of him.
Cast No. H032
Head of Hermes.
Cast No. A086c
Hermes and Dionysos.
Cast No. C040
Head of Hermes of Polykleitos.
Cast No. B158
Portrait of a youth as Hermes.
Cast No. C113
Hermes holds the infant Dionysos on his left arm. He once held a bunch of grapes in his right hand, for which the baby reached.
Cast No. A066
Herakles rests on the dead Nemean Lion, with Athena and Hermes (now missing) looking on.
Cast No. D046a
The hero Echelos carries off the nymph Basile in his chariot. Hermes leads the horses.
See D046b for the reverse.
Cast No. C053
Herm of Hermes.
The inscription on the base reads:
You will recognise the fine statue by Alkamenes, the Hermes Before-the-Gates. Pergamios gave it.
and Know thyself.
Cast No. D085
Kybele sits at the left with a lion at her side. She holds a drum and phiale. Persephone, holding a torch, stands in front of her. At the right is a youth (possibly Hermes); most of this figure is now missing.
Cast No. E006
Orpheus, with lyre, and pointed foreign hat to denote his Thracian origins, turns to look at his wife Eurydike. Hermes, in his role as Psychopompos (Guide of Souls) takes Eurydike by the hand to lead her back to the Underworld. The inscription at the top is modern and gives incorrect names to the figures.
Cast No. C115
Hermes with a cloak slung over his left shoulder. His left hand once held a kerykeion (wand) and his right once rested on his hip. A serpent coils round a tree-trunk at his right.
Cast No. D094
Base showing Athena, Hephaistos, Hermes and Zeus.
Cast No. D049
Votive plaque showing Hermes, Eros and Aphrodite.
Cast No. F009
Man carrying ram.

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