Library resources

The Beazley Archive's library contains books and other works relating to Greek painted pottery and various other areas of classical art. It includes an extensive offprint collection, series of antiquities auction catalogues, and important reference works, including the complete Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) and Thesaurus Cultus et Rituum Antiquorum (ThesCRA). Lists of holdings in these areas can be downloaded below and will be updated in future.

All students and researchers are welcome to use the Beazley Archive Library. It is situated within the Classical Art Research Centre on the top floor of the Ioannou Centre. Visiting the Archive.

The following Excel spreadsheets provide lists of books and offprints held in the Beazley Archive library.

If you do not have Microsoft Excel you can download Excel viewer from the Microsoft website free of charge.

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