Studies in Gems and Jewellery

Volume III
Catalogue of the Engraved Gems and Finger-rings in the Ashmolean Museum

by Martin Henig and Arthur MacGregor, with Victoria Andrews, Robin Latour, Clare Maxfield, Rania-Julia Psofogiannakis, Claudia Wagner, Mary Whiting

Book cover

Oxford University's collection of Greek, Etruscan and Roman gems and rings, in the Ashmolean Museum, is one of the most representative in the world. This volume publishes the Roman gems and finger-rings; the Greek and Etruscan were published by John Boardman and Marie-Louise Vollenweider in 1978. The second volume offers full descriptions, comment and enlarged photographs. Bequests from important collectors, such as Arthur Evans, Charles Drury Fortnum and G.J. Chester have ensured that the full range of styles and engraving is represented in the collection.

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