Contents of the Archive


  • More than 150,000 black and white mounted and catalogued photographs of major types of classical art. The largest number are of Greek Pottery. More than 10,000 are of Greek and Roman Sculpture.
  • More than 7,000 colour photographs of sites and objects taken by Prof. Donna Kurtz and Prof. Sir John Boardman.


About 32,000 from a variety of sources:

  • 12,000 Kurtz and Boardman (different types of objects in museums worldwide)
  • 12,000 Boardman and R.L. Wilkins (engraved gems)
  • 3,200 Boardman (Greek pottery on the London market)
  • 2,750 Susan Woodford (2000) and Veronica Tatton-Brown (750) (English collections for Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae)
  • 450 Marie Beazley (Greek pottery)
  • 1500 Marie Beazley (Beazley drawings)
  • 120 Brandt (Gigantomachy)
  • 60 Ian McPhee (Greek pottery in Nostell Priory)


  • More than 1500 of Greek pottery made by Sir John Beazley

Notes and letters:

  • Several hundred thousand sheets from Sir John Beazley
  • Several hundred letters to Sir John Beazley Archive


  • About 100 from Sir John Beazley (British, European and American collections)

Gem impressions:

  • About 40,000 from Sir John Beazley
  • About 7,000 from Boardman

(Impressions made from plaster of Paris and other materials)


  • About 2000 books and sale catalogues, many from Sir John Beazley. Among the books are Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum and Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae.
  • About 700 off-prints given to Kurtz

Pledged to the Beazley Archive library:

  • Personal library of Kurtz
  • Off-prints and archival material of Boardman

Archival material:

  • Sir John Beazley - purchased by the University in 1964 and transferred to the Ashmolean Museum on his death in 1970.
  • H.O. Arnold-Forster - gem impressions and archives (ex Story-Maskelyne) given to Beazley.
  • Paul Jacobsthal - notes, letters and Marburg photographs given to Beazley.
  • Stanley Casson – photographs, drawings, notes and letters, including correspondence with the sculptor Charles D'Orville Pilkington Jackson.
  • Sylvia Benton - photographs and notes on Greek bronzes and birds given to Boardman.
  • Peter Kahane - 1000 photographs of Geometric pottery given to Beazley Archive.
  • Llewellyn Brown - notebooks and about 1000 photographs, mostly of Etruscan objects, given to Beazley Archive.
  • Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae - more than 8000 cards, most with photos, of Greek and Roman iconography in all British and Irish collections, and in Libya, given to Beazley Archive.
  • Boardman - Naucratis: photographs and most negatives of archaic pottery in museums worldwide; photographs from books written and edited (including Cambridge Ancient History); excavation notes and photographs (Roman Emporio, Tocra) given to Beazley Archive by Sir John Boardman, Lincoln Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology and Art, University of Oxford
  • Martin Robertson - the personal archive of offprints and photographs were given to the archive in 2005.
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