Correspondence of Stanley Casson with the sculptor Charles D'Orville Pilkington Jackson

Letters to Casson from 'Pilk' at 12 Church Lane, Edinburgh unless otherwise stated:

10/4[?]/33 from Cothelestone, Lasswade concerning: sculptural technique; preparations for carving a Pentelic marble block; 'Eve'.

25/8/33 from Cothelestone, Lasswade concerning: head of 'Eve' in Pentelic marble etc.

Photograph of a marble female portrait head.

19/1/34 concerning: 'Eve'; 'the big Foam group'; 'The Reef'; sculptural technique; Eric Gill and Roger Fry.

17/2/34 concerning: carving technique and use of tools, including his invention the 'Bouchard punch', with drawings; technique of his works 'Reef' and 'Eve'; visit by Eric Gill and his response to 'Night' and 'Soldiers'; new National Maritime Museum.

7/4/34 concerning: 'Sea Maiden' and 'the big Foam fountain group'.

6/5/36 concerning: trip to Greece; the Elgin Marbles; his work 'Sea Maiden'.  Annex: notes on Greek sculptural technique.

Three photographs of a marble female portrait head during carving.

Three photographs of 'Sea Maiden' during carving.

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