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Please watch this space as we develop introductory essays on key topics and other resources for the study of Gandharan art and its classical connections.

From Maues to Mihirakula: Six Centuries of Coinage in Gandhara

A gallery of images from Dr Shailendra Bhandare's workshop at the Ashmolean Museum, 2nd June 2017, is now available here.


Short introductions to Gandharan topics

These downloadable introductory essays are intended to give brief, up-to-date overviews of particular topics and sites relevant to Gandharan art.

Dharmarajika, Taxila (by Wannaporn Rienjang)  (including appendices listing stone and stucco sculptures from the site)

Sirkap (Taxila) (by Wannaporn Rienjang) (including appendix of sculptures from the site)

Takht-i-Bāhī (by Wannaporn Rienjang)

NEW!  The Role of Sculptures on Stupas (by Wannaporn Rienjang)

Gandharan Art in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Listen to the audio recording and look at the accompanying slides: live recording of a tour in the Museum by Nick Barnard and Peter Stewart on 21st June 2019.

Click the icon for the audio recording.

Please use the recording with this this downloadable pdf slide-pack

Note that the audio recording may not work with older browsers. Please contact us if you have any problems playing it with recent software.
All images courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

3D Scans of Gandharan Sculpture

In March 2018 we worked with colleagues in the Ashmolean Museum and a brilliant team from NU Digital Heritage at Newcastle University to produce 3D scans of a selection of Gandharan artefacts in the Ashmolean collection. We chose some of the most interesting and difficult objects sculptures for the Newcastle experts to scan, and they rose to the challenge!  A selection of their models are available to explore online through the Classical Art Research Centre's Sketchfab page. The links to particular objects are below, listed by Ashmolean accession numbers.

Ashmolean EAOS.3 (for more information visit the Ashmolean's website)
Ashmolean EAOS.4 (for more information visit the Ashmolean's website)
Ashmolean EAOS.10 (for more information visit the Ashmolean's website)
Ashmolean EAOS.26 (for more information visit the Ashmolean's website)
Ashmolean EA1970.155 (for more information visit the Ashmolean's website)
      (This model is relatively small - a good one to start browsing!)
Ashmolean EA1997.3 (for more information visit the Ashmolean's website)
Ashmolean EA1997.15 (for more information visit the Ashmolean's website)

(The models are large and best viewed via a fast internet connection.)



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